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The FiiO X3 Thread UPDATE: Project Back On! Read the First Post for Information.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ishcabible, Dec 18, 2010.
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  1. Ishcabible
    Rule 1 of this thread: Unless you're feiao, only talk about the X3, not how you wish it was different, because it won't be different.


  2. xXFallenAngelXx
    Yeah I'm really excited about this..James (Felao) said to start a new thread cuz the e11 thread kinda got all over the place..anyways if its anything like Filo it should be a quality Dap for a more than reasonable price![​IMG]
  3. DittoBox
    Any info or pictures?
  4. Ishcabible

    Not yet.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    I am not at liberty to really tell you any detail, but I guess we can get the discussion going in a right direction.

    1) it is not an audiophiles player like HifiMan or ColorFly, it is a mass consumer level product with a few added audiophiles' feature. So user friendly is one of the main design goal, not be-all-end-all SQ. This has always been FiiO's philosophy regarding their own products

    2) Most of the basic features people requested here will be covered in the original firmware. I know James already stated he will look into the possibility of using RockBox, but as far as I can tell, the need of using RB is slim as the original firmware seems to be very solid.

    3) I don't think it will be RockChip based, so you won't need to worry about software weakness inherited from the RockChip platform (so this goes back to point #2).

    I think it is a good idea to list down some features you would like to see. Do note that FiiO probably won't be able to get to all of them, but I guess a wish list for future DAP development would also be nice. Be realistic though, remember that it is just a consumer level product.
  6. rawrster
    I figured if any head-fi member had any information on the dap it would be ClieOS.
    I'm glad it's not based on the rockchip as for some reason every rockchip based player I know of is one of those "audiophile" dap where sound is first and everything else (battery,UI,etc) comes second.
    I don't know what the stages for the new dap is as I haven't followed it closely but I know I can't afford another one unless I sell one of mine but that won't be for at least a month since I'm waiting for the N2 to come after the preorder period is over at mp4nation.
    As for the dap I just want something around the size of a fuze with good battery life (20-30 or more) with flac and mp3 support, gapless and a usable 5 band EQ. Also something with buttons instead of touch screen would be nice although the trend has been going from buttons to touch screen over the last couple years.
  7. i_djoel2000
    i hope it will have good DAC Chip(wolfson, etc) and line out like t51!! but with much better UI and stabile firmware of course [​IMG]
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    1. A decent DAC, doesn't matter if it's Wolfson or not, and it doesn't have to be like the S:Flo having two DACs and then a separate chip for the analog outputs; it can still sound really, really good as long as it has this and...
    2. ...a 3.5mm lineout. Again, no need to use a separate DAC+opamp+headphone driver set-up. What's important is it will be convenient enough to use an amp with. It's harder to DIY an LOD, for one, and if it takes data via a USB port then the dock jack would be redundant.
    3. Design the driver circuit to specifically handle 16ohm-32ohm, or if it's even possible from a marketing standpoint,12ohm-24ohm. My iPod Video was decent with IEMs until you crank it up, and there it gives a lot of volume but distorts too easily, and this isn't even a 3-driver universal-fit pro-grade IEM. I wouldn't walk around with a 300-ohm Sennheiser or 120-ohm AKG anyway, and IF I do use these on a portable player, I'd probably have it on a table with an amp.
    4. Use the same enclosure as, or at least similar Length and Width,* as the E11. Same way home audio products in the same series are similar in width and depth but with varying height for stacking, or some Class D car audio amps using the same chassis throughout the series with "dockable" mounting screw points. Even if they can't lock/dock onto each other, it's a plus if they're the same width and length. Easier to stack and stick that way, as a narrower amp can sometimes make it problematic for a rubber strap to keep both in place.
    5. Use the same battery as the E11, even if it's not as easily accessible. Should be beneficial for the production process, too.
    6. A quick and stable UI. I don't need it to be Rockbox, but if adding gizmos will only slow it down, I'd prefer it be a straight-cut music player with an intuitive UI and buttons that won't be easily pummeled or faded by repeated searching for tracks.
    7. Both headphone and line out 3.5mm jacks at the bottom as I have less cable issues managing cables with this set-up. 
    *It's OK if it's thicker 
    And for the "least-likely-to-happen:" integrate the E11's circuit for the headphone output. I can forgo the line-out this way though. Although this might result in a packaging nightmare now that most consumers won't buy anything thicker than an iPod or most Nokias unless it has web browsing.
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  9. Riku540
    Not that I actually believe this could happen, but how cool would it be if it could dock on the E9 and be a standalone source/amp without the need of a PC? The USB could be used to charge it!
    I mean, they're already developing an iPhone dock for the E9... Just sayin'. [​IMG]
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    I would personally like to see WM8740 (or at least something of the same class) on the new DAP, since it has already been used on E7. Also 24bit / 192kHz support would be nice, since WM8740 is capable of doing that.
  11. Achmedisdead
    I say Rockbox would be a win.
  12. maverickronin
    While we're all fantasizing, I'd like real buttons and a Cowon level EQ/DSP...
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  13. ClieOS Contributor
    BBE would be nice, but it will need licensing.
  14. latenlazy

    I think regardless of whether the driver circuit is good or not, the most important part is the quality of the built in amp. For example, my iphone's internal amp is not necessarily underpowered, but higher frequencies sound harsh and congested, probably because the amp isn't processing those higher frequency signals well.
  15. a_tumiwa
    i dont want hope too much because this is Fiio, who aim low-end market, something small and good price/performance like Sansa Clip is already enough for me
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