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The earphone game just got a lot more SIRIUS. The new five driver hybrid flagship from Fidue

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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Yes, red - Right, blue - Left.  The shells are big, but the corners on the inner side of the shell are rounded and very comfortable.  For me personally, takes a bit of tip rolling since my ear canal is very wide and shallow, but once I found the correct pair - fit is good.  It was like a deja vu when I got andromedas.  Don't want to jump into final sound analysis conclusion yet until I put 100hrs of burn in mileage on these, but out of the box the sound is balanced, resolving, non-fatigue, great retrieval of details, natural tonality, and VERY spacious.
    Btw, you can use a regular mmcx connector cable with these, connectors are standard.
  2. RedJohn456

    Good for them for getting the connector right! I loved the EX1000 screw on connector and I hope the new Fidue line up all use this connector. Makes the connector bulletproof essentially 
  3. Ziadax
    The real question is how much the SIRIUS's sound is of an improvement over the former flagship A83 and whether its worth the $600+ price difference [​IMG]
  4. twister6 Contributor
    Exactly, Tamal!  The connector of the cable snaps in just like any regular mmcx cable connector, and the screw on ring is for extra security to make it bulletproof: to minimize the rotation/spinning and to keep specks of dust away.
  5. twister6 Contributor
    Going up in price is where you get into the territory of diminishing returns :frowning2:  But considering 4 quality BA drivers plus a dynamic driver, all metal machined shell, 8-core quality cable which accommodates 2.5mm TRRS balanced (AK style) and 3.5mm TRRS balanced (HFM style) and 3.5mm single ended, and rhodium plated plugs - all adds up to a cost, and they try to price it competitively.  5-driver Andromeda is $1.1k, 4-driver SE846 is $1k.  I wouldn't be surprised if Dunu DK series 5-way hybrids end up in the same ballpark price.
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  6. kimD
    End game
  7. Ziadax
    I'm confident in Fidue's build quality as I have the A83 and its build quality is phenomenal.    
    However I think I'll just sit tight with my old faithful EX1000 until more impressions of the SIRIUS are out, my wallet will thank me for it.    [​IMG]
  8. ericp10
    I'm interested but that $900 price tag is keeping me away. I'll wait awhile and see if that price drops some. Looks beautiful though. I love my A83 too. 
  9. mochill
    I am ready
  10. Midgetguy
    I'm in the same boat. It looks absolutely beautiful though and I'm not in doubt of the sound quality.
  11. Podster

    Fidue taking the next step, they are beautiful and you can tell this is not a little customizers adventure. Seems to be on par with other manufacturers building at this level. Looking forward to impressions that confirm my belief:smile:.

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  12. tikue666
    Would really love to know how they've improved from their previous flagship A83, I currently own a pair and they're eargasmic :) Can't wait for the good folks here that have the Sirius to do a comparison. Not to forget, how would these stack up against the similar driver config Zhiyin QT5 which I read sounds stellar and at a quarter of the price of Sirius! :D
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
    Dang, Vince and Alex, you've already got them and I'm still waiting. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Given Fidue's previous accomplishments with the ingenious A73, A83 and A65 that are all very musical yet detailed and fun to listen to at the same time, all in a somewhat different way, (and believe me, I really like respectively even love each of them), I am siriusly anxious about how the Siruis has turned out, but also have high expectations.
  14. Podster

    I don't think QT5, SWiii or any of these botique Chinese customizers are on their radar, they are aiming for ASG 2.5, Canpfire at this price range and others at this level that ask these prices and mind you have been selling at these prices:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Fans of the A83 will be some of those future buyers but just takes a little time but once established I can see these doing well provided they bring everything to the table. They sure have a lot of attention right now and for 99% of us it's on looks alone right now:smile:

  15. DJScope
    These look like Sirius contenders! I'm still yet to hear anything from Fidue which doesn't sound good. [​IMG]
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