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100+ Head-Fier, Male, from USA

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    Materials Engineer
    Headphone Inventory:
    Favorite Dynamic Driver IEM: Sony EX-1000
    Favorite BA IEM: Campfire Audio Jupiter
    Favorite Hybrid IEM: Aurisonics Harmony
    Favorite Full Size: Sennheiser HD650

    Previously Owned Gear (and notes):
    - Noble X (not worth $250, lacks extension on both ends, acceptable clarity for dual BA)
    - Noble Django (Fun and relaxed dynamic like sound, lacks treble sparkle for me)
    - Campfire Audio Orion (Best single armature IEM I've ever heard, a bit bass light)
    - Campfire Audio Lyra II ( 2nd favorite dynamic IEM, soundstage too intimate for me)
    - Campfire Audio Jupiter (Best overall BA iem, weird dip in upper mids)
    - Campfire Audio Nova (Ok sound, but mediocre for price)
    - Sony XBA-A2 (Great hybrid, but has to be worn straight down = bad fit)
    - Sony XBA-Z5 (extremely musical, too much mid/upper bass bloat)
    - Fidue A83 (good coherency, but too bright for my tastes)
    - Ultimate Ears 900 (relaxed signature, not too detailed, possible mmcx build issues)
    - Ultimate Ears 600 (Decent entry level single BA, Klipsch X5 better IMO)
    - Shure SE535LTD (probably good 8 years ago, pretty bad now for price)
    - Shure SE215LTD (durable gym beater iems)
    - Audio Technica CKR9LTD (Great dual dynamic concept, mids too forward for me)
    - Audio Technica CKX9i (good balanced sound, uncomfortable fit )
    - JVC FX850 (unique wood timbre, overall too warm)
    - Aurisonics Harmony (powerful subbass, great coherency for hybrid, great fit)
    - Aurisonics Rockets (dat build, bass light, magical mids)
    - MEE Audio P1 (great build and details for price, lack subbass extension)
    - Rose Cappuccino MKII (unique bass decay switch, grainy mids/treble)
    - Sennheiser IE800 (excellent bass, but treble is too thin, bad fit)
    - Sennheiser IE80 (too much midbass bloat, veiled mids, rolled off highs)
    - Sennheiser Momentum IE (bassy V-shaped IEM, decent for under $80)
    - Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 (good overall sound, but more for looks)
    - Havi B3 (power hungry chinese IEM, pretty good but overhyped)
    - HiFiman RE-400 (probably best sub $50 iem, a bit bass light though)
    - Klipsch X10 (favorite single BA IEM, smooth sound, questionable build)
    - Klipsch X7i (liquid gold mids, also good single BA IEM but build issues)
    - Klipsch X5 (great entry single BA iem, surprise surprise klipsch build issues)

    Want to Try:
    - 64audio U8/U10/U12/U18/tia Fourte
    - Noble K10/K10E/Katana
    - Campfire Andromeda/Dorado
    - Empire Ears Zeus/Athena/Spartan
    - Sony N3ap
    - A&K T8ie MKII / Beyerdynamic Xelento
    - AKG N40


    Current Gear: Campfire Polaris, Sony EX1000, ATH LS200, Jaybird X3, V-Moda Crossfade Wireless, Sennheiser HD650
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