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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Magick Man

    We know so little about MS, and most autoimmune conditions, that it's hard to say. One modern theory is that having one AI condition makes a person vulnerable to acquiring others. Also, I've noticed a flare-up of one can induce the other to flare, what I not-so-affectionately refer to as "AI-DP" (no, I'm not going to explain what "DP" means out in public, but anyone who's seen any pr0n knows what I'm talking about). However, it does feel like you're somehow getting "banged" from two different sides, with one disease aggravating the other. My old rheumatologist was a useless putz and didn't seem to like keeping up with new developments in research, several times I actually printed out information for my visits so he could read about new drugs and therapies, because I knew he'd never do it on his own. :rolleyes: My new one is awesome, she studies all the latest journals and research and is much more open to new ideas and opinions. Having a doctor who is completely dedicated to patient care, and improving your health, makes all the difference in the world. That may sound a little obvious, but I'm often shocked at how many MDs don't seem to be.
  2. Coq de Combat
    Thanks, yeah, we have similar laws over here. It is sensitive data and we are supposed to treat it as such. It's fun that my background is from an infosec point of view, yet I didn't think of that.
    I think I'll let this idea brew for a while longer before I do anything about it. I feel pretty unstable now (more to the depressed panicky side) and I can't help the feeling that mistakes are going to be made in panic, and I just wanted to minimize the risk of making those mistakes. Not that taking her for a tour would be stupid, but other ideas may be.
    Thanks again. I know what you mean about doctors. I've had such "unluck" myself, but now it seems that I have found two that seem to care. I'm sorry to hear about your AI-DP, I hope that research teams allover the world can make a difference soon enough for you to enjoy. Sometimes I feel though, that the rules of science may sometimes be counter productive in a way. Most of the Nobel Prize winners have once or twice been considered idiots by their peers, yet they did make a difference. Sometimes I wish we had more (smart) goofballs in science, willing to push boundaries a bit further.
  3. a_recording
    I have no idea what you are talking about.
    *sharpens his claws*
    I have limited experience with specialist Doctors, but my mother has lupus and some other complications and she has never consulted with any Doctor who took any sort of personal interest in her condition in terms of suggesting new symptoms or research. I guess it's not serious enough in my mother's case. 
    I wouldn't even know where to begin to find such a Doctor, but from my perspective it just feels like she was told: "You have a chronic condition. It's currently untreatable. Bang. You may now continue your regularly scheduled life." If you had no access to resources like the internet you would literally have no information about new findings in the field until next time you had a giant flare-up and the Doctor in the hospital maybe knew enough about this area to tell you more. From my perspective this seems absolutely absurd.
    I've had experience with printing off research papers and giving them to family friends suggesting they ask their doctors about the results, but most people seem to be intimidated by their doctor's authority. Personally I am looking forward to when systems like IBM Watson are able to deliver a better diagnosis and treatment plan than most doctors.
    You can imagine a future where most healthcare professionals are just pathology technicians who perform testing and record symptomatology and then hand the data over to some HAL 9000 to crunch. (Essentially a more refined version of what human operators do when they monkey around looking up their symptoms on WebMD). This will mean cheaper healthcare, less skills required for a medical degree, more healthcare workers and better quality research and specialisation among the truly good doctors.
    This will also mean a lot of bad doctors will end up being paid less or made redundant, which to me doesn't seem like such a bad thing. It's pretty amazing when you think about the kinds of structural shifts computing and the internet will lead to in even what seems like relatively 'conservative' sectors of life.
  4. warrenpchi Administrator
    As long as it helps her, what does it matter?  [​IMG]
  5. drez
    eep, to be honest I'm pretty sure he's dead too, if he survived the blizzard its pretty easy to navigate back to civilisation - probably 15 kilometres max before hitting a road.  I guess being lost in a blizzard can be pretty bad...
  6. Coq de Combat
    I know what you mean, but if I would do it to show myself I'm not a worthless person, it'd be due to egoistic reasons, which would just support this "being worthless" thing...
    ...yeah, I'm probably just overthinking things. As said earlier, I have to let this brew for a while in my mind, and not rush into things. Art had a good point about the confidentiality and information security over here.
  7. Mimouille
    Someone showed very limited willpower and ordered a pair of Roxanne for Black Friday...
  8. james444 Contributor
    Two ways to read this:
  9. Mimouille
  10. james444 Contributor
    That was the likely one. [​IMG]
    Say what you want about JHA, but their timing is ingenious.
  11. drez
    Ahh well someone has to order them for the team right [​IMG]
    Another black friday passed and i haven't ordered customs - I was tempted by UE IERM but their black friday special is US only or something?
  12. warrenpchi Administrator
    Tell you what, let's proceed on the premise that you are not a worthless person... and continue that way until such time that we have incontrovertible evidence that you are worthless.  I suspect that - should we do that - we won't be revisiting this topic again.  [​IMG]
  13. Mimouille
    As is Noble's...putting our their universals just now and having Joker rate their Noble 4S as good as a JH13...
  14. Mimouille
    A very good looking guy with a mysterious air that all da ladies dig so much. You know him?
  15. vwinter

    George Clooney? He owes me like 10 bucks.
    Looks like he spent it again. :frowning2:

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