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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. vwinter
    What do people over 30 do there?

    It's been cold here too but we just missed the snow apparently.
  2. Coq de Combat
    Haha, yeah, I can imagine that.

    Around 2:50 you start seeing how houses were covered in snow. 
    I think we have a couple of Schiit enthusiasts here. Personally I think the Sony MA-900 is too flimsy and cheapish for its price. When I heard it it was too noisy to take anything from it, but the build quality left me unimpressed. I don't know how well it holds in real world usage though... I'd personally go for the german headphones of those three, but yeah, perhaps the MA-900 is better than I remember it.
  3. illyria
    The age range sort of goes 25-30 and then 50+ (For foreigners), not so much in the midground.  I'm still quite a few years until I reach 30, so I can't really say too accurately.
    I do a lot of camping and hiking as the scenery is gorgeous.  
    Nightlife (Where I live) is dead..
    Edit - 

    Yeah, I'm thinking of going for the DT 880 as there is supposed to be a flash-sale on Amazon tomorrow for 'em.  I heard lots of good things for the MA900, but every time I saw a picture/video of it, it made me cringe a little thinking how flimsy it looked and knowing I would probably break it..
    Edit 2  - 
    Just watched the video..  I have a blanket wrapped around me right now (Right around 18 C outside)..
    That is a scary amount of snow.. wow.
  4. Coq de Combat
    Yeah, I've heard good things about the DT 880. I haven't tried them myself though, but I've tried the 990's. It's a shame the D2000 isn't made anymore, you'd have a pretty good alternative there.
  5. Coq de Combat
    Guys, I need to do a sanity check with you. I have this friend who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, and she seems a little down and lonely. I figured she could need a little boost. As you all know, that's exactly the disease I work with. I was thinking of asking her to come to my work for lunch some day and so I could show her that progress is being made and show her my corridor for a few minutes. I would need to check with the professor and such of course, but before I progress on the idea itself - is it even sane to do it, or is it my own disorder giving me stupid ideas and a bad judgment again?
    Addendum: I have asked myself why I would do it. I'm not sure if it would be primarily to give her a little boost in life, or if it's to prove to myself that I'm not a worthless person. I really can't seem to answer that.
  6. Magick Man
    We have snow, snoooooow! Wrong holiday, but I'll take it. :)
  7. Magick Man

    Having RA sucks, I know, because I've lived with it for over 4 years now (and MS as well). I'd say it would do her some good to see the research that's being done, first hand. I don't see anything wrong with that.
  8. Coq de Combat
    Thanks. Yeah, I can imagine it sucking. RA is the main study I work with, but incidentally, the other one is MS. Even though I've worked with them for a while now, and I've been to seminars and so on, I still know little to nothing about them. The MS one is newer and needs less work from a data point of view, so I haven't had to do a lot with it, some fixes and glitches here and there. Are they related somehow? 
  9. drez

    Hehe I love snow, was snowing when I hiked our tallest mountain couple of weeks ago, funny thing, you can drive to the summit of our tallest mountain, and the toilet at the base camp has a disabled WC. Respect to the disabled person who does the climb, at least with snow drifts, wind and sleet...
  10. wink
    Been to the top of Mt. Kosciuszko lots of times. Three times for the sunrise..... Twice with a full moon, the other at no moon.    SUBLIME.
  11. drez

    I wish we had a clear night, I might have to go another time. Whats funny now is all the tourists rocking up from the Threadbo chairlift in jeans and tennis shoes... Apparently some Canadian ex military went missing in May or something, I was talking to some Canadian volunteers who flew over to look for him, seems he left his pack and jacket in a blizzard... Seems odd.
  12. ardgedee
    The combination of reasons is also a good reason.
    The main grounds for not providing a tour would be confidentiality issues. U.S. academic institutions have IRB (Institutional Review Board) requirements that mandate things like strict concealment of any personal info that can be traced back to an individual, even if that information is seemingly minor ('Subject A frequently has a runny nose => Subject A is John Smith'); visiting a research lab or areas where personal info is displayed can be construed as a risk to viewing this information. As the developer on other research projects, I've had to comply with data collection, storage, and usage requirements that make it pretty clear that, among other things, I couldn't let my computer screen display random data sets in public.
    I don't know if Sweden has something similar, but I imagine so.
    You should ask one of your superiors. If it's OK with them, you should also prepare a small presentation so that you can give a user-friendly explanation of what the abstract-looking data means. It will also be handy if any other visitors are taken on tours of the facility.
  13. DigitalFreak

    Not odd at all, when yr body begins to freeze you begin to lose all common sense and start to feel like you're sweating and overheating to the point you want to throw off your jacket. In reality though you're not overheating but your body is instead starting to shut down and give in to the cold. Unfortunately, I think it's probable the fellow you're talking about May have frozen to death

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