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  1. feast6
    This must have been the quickest Headphone sellout since the HD 598 for $99 on amazon!I was very fortunate to be just casually going through my E-mails when this happened!
  2. DavidA
    I bought 7 (4 pink, 1 ivory, 1 blue, 1 green) used-like new over the last few months ($52-$61) and all have been with original box, storage case, both cables, and product card and other Senn paper.  As for the headphones themselves, they were all in "like-new" condition and work perfectly.  Gave them as gifts to old girlfriends (3), current girlfriend, and friends that are still using el-cheapo ear buds that come with their phones (3).  All except current girlfriend think these Momentum on-ears are the greatest sounding headphones they ever heard.  Current girlfriend uses all my other headphones at home so she knows that there are much better sounding headphones along with DACs and AMPs needed to get the sound.
  3. Change is Good
    Wow, last day for the HP150 drop and see some people dropped out. Thanks a lot K7XX lol

    Shame, because as successful as the HP100 and HP200 drops were, doubt they'll ever bring back the HP150 after this.
  4. Stillhart
    This was the remaining 200 from the first edition batch a few months back.  I'm assuming these were the ones they kept in reserve in case of RMA issues.
  5. Mechans1

     I thought they said they sold 6,000 units already.  Is this drop limited to 200 units? that seems like a small number given the historical sales records. I bought mine the last drop and am pleased.. 
    I don't think I 'll be selling themany time soon but I wasn't even aware of selling rules, where are they written?
  6. money4me247 Contributor
    here are the for sale rules: http://www.head-fi.org/a/buy-sell-trade-rules
    the last drop was limited to 200 units. it was likely just to sell out the remaining 1st edition stock. if there is enough demand, we may be selling a 2nd edition (or non-editioned) drop of the K7xx.
  7. rudyae86

    "Old girlfriends"......riiight :wink:


  8. Sladeophile
    Yup, I picked up the pink ones for $55 for mothers day for my wife. They are in perfect condition, only the remote cable had been removed from packaging I presume to test the cans, and then they were immediately returned. Great gifts that look much more expensive than those AWD prices.
  9. echineko
    Grado GS1000e for 20% off on Buysonic:


    (Now to hope they're sold out by the next time I check >.< )
  10. bikerboy94
    Newegg Deals  Philips SHP9500 $49.99 code EMCASKN69  
    PNY 128GB card  $69.99 code EMCASKN54
  11. inseconds99
    M-stage 239.99 one day left, placing my order tonight.

  12. mkshm
    Beyerdynamic DT-880 600 Ohm model on Massdrop. This is the "Manufaktur" version which is the most expensive of all the DT-880 versions. I bought mine just last week by paying much more, otherwise I would have jumped on this drop. 
    Sound Signature: 
    If you like detail analytical sound, this is a great headphone for you. I tame the treble peaks at 6000Hz and 9500Hz by EQ. After the EQ, it sounds just wonderful compared to other headphones in it's price range. Accoustics, Jazz and Classical genres sound really great. 
  13. mrscotchguy
    My $50 Momentum came in a rough box, in a ziplock bag... only accessories were the cables, nothing else, haha.  Should've known 
  14. Soundsgoodtome
    Anyone getting these, please put at least 150-200 hrs on these before a final conclusion. And if you don't believe in burn-in please buy these headphones and try them out of the box. The difference between new and 150hrs is very apparent.

  15. DavidA

    sorry for taking all the good ones[​IMG]
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