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  1. doctorjazz
    To each his own...I have an X3, a DX90, they're all a pain to use at some point, but I like the Pono UI better than the other 2. Ymmv, of course
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  2. CarpeDijon
    Thanks for putting all of that DAC info into one concise paragraph for me, @money4me247.  Your post is, well... money. 

    I agree on the reasonable price point.  Now that I've noticed that Frys.com no longer has the Pono available with free shipping, and when I consider that I've already paid for the Skyn, I'm leaning away from the temptation.  My primary headphones are ATH-AD2000 and HD 800, so I'll see which of those DAC chips tends to play nice with my open cans.  
    (Does Head-Fi enable us to "save" great posts like this to find and view later?)
    Thanks, @Stillhart and @doctorjazz  for additional input.
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I like Pono UI design better, but DX90 is snappier to use and has folder browse. The touch screen of the Pono is not responsive enough, while touch screen on DX90 is better, but sometimes too responsive, lol. I don't have a problem using either of them, once you learn how to handle them it is easy enough.
    Pono is in no way overpriced at $400 in comparison to DX90 and X5. At $250 it is simply a massive bargain. The fact that the Pono has discrete designed IV, LPF, and Amp along with thin film capacitors throughout really does put it's design above DX90 and X5 which use opamp chains and thick film smd's.  DX90 and X5 are more powerful than Pono single ended, but when Pono is run balanced it catches up, and has the SQ benefits of balanced to boot.
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  4. doctorjazz
    Strictly sound quality wise (to me), Pono is better sounding than DX90 and X3, even unbalanced...hardly ever touch the other 2 since I got the Pono (have the LH Labs Wave on order, better beat the Pono :rolleyes:
  5. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I agree even single ended Pono is ahead of X5/DX90 in SQ in most attributes, but not all. I was only referring to power output where single ended Pono is 1 volt and single ended DX90/X5 is bit over 2 volt, but balanced Pono catches up in power at 2 volt, but also has the extra SQ benefits of balanced.
    DX90 is no slouch though, the DX90 does have a lower noise floor and therefore a blacker back round. I get some hissing with the Pono when using several of my iems, similar to hissing of ZX1, while DX90 on the other hand is the king of low noise floor with black round, and has even been tested to outperform the AK240 in this regard. Low noise floor is extremely important when using iems, because the ambiance is lost when you hear hiss between quiet moments, or even worse, the hiss is heard through the music, which does happen. Because of this crucial aspect I rate DX90 and Pono evenly in SQ, and I would say get the DX90 if you want to use iems, but if you are going to use less sensitive or higher impedance iems or headphones then Pono is the more refined and composed sound with better timbre, air, balance, dynamics etc. It really is a shame about the noise floor.
    To name some common iems I get hiss with Pono: CKR10, FX850. But pretty much most 16 ohm iems may have hiss and some 32 ohm iems depending on sensitivity.
  6. ER4S
    That's great, thanks for info!
  7. imackler
    From RazorDogAudio: "Mark your calendars! This weekend ONLY(May 15-17), the popular HiFiMAN HE-400i will be on sale for $399! Limited stock, so get yours while they last!"
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  8. MrEleventy
    It's the billing address. I buy and send stuff to my family in MA every year, never got taxed on it.
  9. The Dan of Steel
    Fry's Pono player seems to be back in stock. Just called to activate my promo code and ordered online, free shipping. Also since we don't have a Fry's here no tax. If you call be sure to mention its for the Sunday deals promo.
  10. CarpeDijon
    Good lookin' out.
  11. doctorjazz
    Enjoy your Pono, great price/deal!
  12. doctorjazz
    Good price for these, Thinksound On1, seems to me, well regarded, like my pair, woodies...
  13. johangrb
  14. Allanmarcus

    guys, please post titles/subjects for your deals.
  15. Dr4Bob
    Estron Linum iem cables:
    Free Shipping this month!
    Excellent review:
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