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  1. viralcow
  2. Evshrug
    Oh, it's not just you :)
    When I think of the accumulated hours and days of time I might spend enjoying something, a decent deal putting a "want" within range of my budget is enough for me :) So, MAAAAAYBE I just spent about $1000 the past month on my first new head-fi gear purchase this year (Cavelli Liquid Carbon and an antique Theta, plus a coax transport), but I'll spend so much time satisfied and enraptured between now and Black Friday that I'll not push the fun budget again till October (hoping to attend RMAF!!) and have 5 months of accumulated "fun budget" in my savings account.

    But still appreciate a deal on something I was looking for, such as the FiiO I got on Friday evening.
  3. imackler
  4. Evshrug

    If I wait and don't buy any luxury goods till Black Friday... I'll have $1,500 to spare by then! And if I have that much money, but instead put it in a long-term investment portfolio... By the time I retire, I can buy ALL THE HEADPHONES. Of course, my hearing will be shot by then and I'd be better off buying nutrient paste and paying a nurse to make sure I don't eat the foods that make pooping hard, in a nice retirement home where I can reminisce about all the memories I made for myself when I was young...
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  5. DavidA

    LOL, made my weekend[​IMG]
  6. Change is Good
    SoundMagic HP150 for $149 at massdrop

    Just three days left on the drop, guys. Nine more needed to get the lowest price. Figured I'd post the deal again in case whoever is interested may have missed my last post about it.

    Will be reposting one last time on the final day as a reminder, hopefully with the lowest price already unlocked.
  7. dorino
    Tempting, just to have something to throw in my bag. If anyone wants to give me 150 dollars, I'll buy myself a pair with your money.
  8. Vader2k

    I decided to join the drop based on all the positive talk about these. They'll be my first quality closed headphones, and at a nice price to!

    Who else is with me?! :)
  9. mrscotchguy
    Can I listen to your since you live in "mah hood"... btw, I'll be organizing a local meet soonish PM me for details if you're interested.
  10. Vader2k
    Oh, we're in the same vicinity? Cool!
    A meet would be fun, but finding the time to get away for one would be tough right now. Thanks for mentioning it, though!
  11. Mechans1
    Well since the HD 600s can be had for $229 or so.  How do they sound compared to the HD700s which I own and like.  I also own the AKG 7XXs  which while quite different are also enjoyable, they have less of a head clamp feel which is nice but the sound is more muffled and bassy to my now damaged hearing I like it anyway but not for all of the music I play I like detail as well.  So how do these 600s measure up with HD700s and the AKG 7XXs? Thanks for any attempt at a reply.
  12. RERO
    Beyerdynamic T51i on Sonic Electronix for $224.25.
    Coupon code: SAVE25
  13. imackler
    Only on ear I've tried that is close to comfortable.
  14. coletrain104
    sounds to me like HD600 will not have enough treble for you
  15. thedude22
    I remember reading an review from what seemed like a very experienced headfier and he stated that the HD 600 is somewhat comparable and beats the HD 700 in some aspects. For me, I think most people, headfier or not, would notice the HD 700 is technically a lot better. It's like the HD 600 on steroids. Fuller sound, better separation, better soundstage, better resolution. If you listen to classical and jazz, the HD 700 is more like being at the auditorium where as the HD 600 is like listening to it through a real nice stereo system. It's subjective in that some may like either musical experience better. The sound is more blended, smaller more boxed soundstage, more sparkle, less punch on the HD 600. 

    I actually came to my final pick the other night. This may surprise some but HD 600, HD 650, HD 700 <K7XX. The HD 600 was out quick because it was basically the HD 650 without the coloration in the mids and bass that I like. The HD 700 is by far the best headphone but too analytical. I don’t listen to classical or jazz. The HD 650 was a close second but it just sounded more poppy and digital than the dry K7xx. Objectively I think all of the Senns are better though.
    Now that I know the sound I like, does anyone have any suggestions? The K7xx doesn't completely fit the bill. I like to imagine a studio monitor trying to come out of an old school, warm, smooth, even slightly veiled bookshelf speaker. That sound but not completely muffled. I love the AN16 IEM sound for example. 

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