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  1. Double C
    I clicked on the sine DX but I'm not sure if its actually the DX...Box looks like Sine Closed.
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  2. gemNeye
    Yeah that's a bit confusing, huh? Maybe shoot an e-mail to Audeze to see what is what.
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  3. Lurk650
    05A is solid, esp for that price. I enjoy mine.
  4. gemNeye
    @Double C

    I just sent Audeze a message asking for clarification.
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  5. Double C
    Thanks for sharing!
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  6. gemNeye
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  7. gemNeye
    @Double C

    Audeze clarified that the listing is for the closed back Sine and not the open back DX. They acknowledged that the pictures of the DX are wrong and that the DX doesn't come with Cipher Lightning cable kit since it's a different driver than the one used in the closed back version. They'll fix the listing eventually. So there you have it. I'll go back and correct the original post to clear up the confusion. Kudos to you for raising awareness of it. I certainly didn't catch it when I posted it. :thumbsup:
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  8. phthora
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  9. quimbo
    second time around for both of us. money is kept separate, common bills split up equitably , take turns paying for dinner, outings, etc;, i can spend my money on cigars and audio (lately tubes and more tunes) and she can spend hers on clothes or shoes or whatever.
  10. gemNeye
    Wow, good catch! Not much of a b-stock deal then. :unamused:
  11. Double C
    Thanks for that, been eyeing the DX so was excited to see it somewhat lower than usual.
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  12. mixman
    For me it seems like the deals before Prime Days were a little better. No wow deals so far.
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  13. D3soLaT3
    I did say, "Wow, that's a terrible deal". Does that count?
  14. mixman
    Ha, depending on how the rest of the deals are.... that just might have to count!
  15. Th3Drizzl3
    anyone hear any info on an upcoming ebay discount? have something i really want to buy and they are limited qty and i hate to miss them but a nice 10% would be really nice for an extra 100$ off (where they usually cap the discount). im surprised they didnt do a code. and i agree the amazon deals were meh imo aside from a few items
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