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  1. mixman
    EBay probably didn’t think the Amazon deals were even worth doing a code for!
  2. phthora
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  3. Ggroch
    There were/and still are LOTS of good deals on this year's prime. That is, there are hundreds (probably thousands) of items below their previous all time low prices. I picked up a TV, a smartphone, and then a lot of stuff I actually need, and spent about a grand.

    There were fewer actual headphones on sale than usual, but still some deals.

    I agree there was a shift in emphasis, with fewer ridiculous loss leader items. I bet the statistics showed Amazon analysts that the kind of "just a couple in stock" loss leaders that trigger long lines at brick and mortar stores on Black Friday do not really help drive business or good will in internet retailing. The $250 TV I got and the $200 phone I got were both $75-$100 below previous sale prices. So a strong reason to buy now if you were in the market.
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  4. groucho69
    The whatever will kill you
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  5. mixman
    Well I am only discussing deals that pertain to Head Fi. I am sure there were other electronic deals or clothing deals that were good........but headphone related......Meh!
  6. OldDude04
    Getting the Hidizs AP80 for $105 instead of $199.99 was a decent prime day deal.
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  7. KG Jag
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  8. Carlsan
  9. Zachik
    Personally, after my experience with the Hidizs DAP - I would not touch ANY of their products with a 10 feet pole...
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  10. Th3Drizzl3
    i agree. fool me once...... no hidiz ever again for me.
  11. jsmiller58
    I own the Hidizs MS4 and am enjoying it (a bit too bright but otherwise very enjoyable). What problems have you had with the Hidizs DAP or service that leads to this enmity?
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  12. syn959
    Didn’t see this posted.

    WW Stereo via Ebay have extra 20% off on certain items until 7/21:


    Picked up a pair of A&K Billie Jean IEM for $239.20. I saw some other interesting things on sale so you might find something doing a search in the link or browsing full list.
  13. Zachik
    I bought the DAP, before launch through Indiegogo campaign, based on specific features promised. These features were NEVER released and probably never will.
    During the campaign, a guy working for the company has been VERY active on the Head-Fi thread. As soon as the campaign ended - the guy disappeared, and the company stopped all communications to backers.
    Since then, there has been 1 very minor bug-fix FW release, over MANY months. No promised features added. people keep reporting failures on the thread and support is non-existant.
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  14. jsmiller58
    OK, thanks. That would make me unhappy as well.
  15. OldDude04
    Ok, maybe getting the AP80 for $105 wasn't that great of a deal, lol.
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