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  1. Th3Drizzl3
    btw my sivga 006 came the same way i had to flip one around. they are def wider now imo
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  2. GearMe
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  3. OldDude04
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  4. pbui44
  5. Ynot1
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  6. GearMe
  7. Allanmarcus
  8. Ken G
    I usually refrain from knocking a product but would encourage people to look elsewhere than a Modi 2 which is known to have lots of problems with jitter and noise (there are objective measurements out there that show this on some other sites). If you could spend the little bit of extra money, get the Modi 3 which is superior since Schiit fixed the noise/jitter issues. If you can't extend your budget then I would recommend to look at the Topping D10 which is $70 on Drop.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  9. Joeyjoe26
    Schiit Saga Active/Passive Preamp with Remote Control https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QQKNRXL/

    Schiit saga is cheaper on amazon w free shipping and a $50 coupon vs the close out price at schiit
  10. Ggroch
    Good Price, but note that the Saga is being replaced with 2 available options: The Saga S (solid state) at $299 and Saga+ (tube hybrid) at $399. Schiit/Amazon actually had a lightning deal on the Saga at $269 last week (but no coupon). This is very close to that and the cheapest way to get Saga w/tubes. But Saga S may be a better option for some.
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  11. Allanmarcus
    Only from the notoriously bad ASR. I've had a Modi 2, and I have friends with it, and it sounds fine. It's a very good deal at $49
  12. gugman
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  13. gemNeye
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  14. OldDude04
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  15. Terco
    MusicTeck 15% off storewide, apply code: SOCAL2019, valid from Jun 21 to Jun 24. Music Players, Headphones, Cables and more....


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