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  1. Funambulistic
  2. Allanmarcus
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  3. Ggroch
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  4. dosley01
  5. phthora
  6. Ggroch
    I never thought I would post a Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz to the deals thread but. Massdrop has the attractive appearing MJ1 model for $90 shipped. Formerly $300 plus.

    If you search this thread or Google for Electrostatz or Tate & Bauer you can learn about their Chinese OEM Hybrid dual driver design and "tiny British audiophile heritage" scam. $90 is a very decent price if you have wanted to try the technology, even compared to the Cyberdrive budget model from the same OEM.
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  7. Ggroch
    At the moment it appears Joybuy is out of stock on the $160-ish Philipa Fidelio X2HR deal (it has been in and out of stock).

    But..another intriguing alternative: In stock is the Fidelio X1s for $95 shipped after coupon. This is appearantly an improved version of the Fidelio X1 that is available only in China and on Ebay (for $150-ish). It does show on the Philips China site, but I cannot read Chinese so I do not know the differences from the X1.
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  8. Allanmarcus
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  9. heliosphann
    Nice. The X1 has been one of my favorite gaming headphones for years. I also prefer the fit to the X2.

    For $95 it's worth checking out!
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  10. waynes world
    Huh! I still love my X1's. $95? Wow.
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  11. jwong
    Nice deal on the X1S
  12. speedwheels
    At Joybuy,
    The Panasonic RP-HD10 also seems to be available for $75 minus $5 coupon (if it works..)

    Never ordered from these guys before. Anyone care to comment on their buying experience?
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  13. Ggroch
    A coupon worked for me. I registered 1st (never bought before) and that gave me a $5 coupon. Then when I checked out I tried to use the coupon on the page too but it blocked that one. So $70 shipped (7-10 days they say to U.S.)

    No, but others have ordered the X2 HDs and got them fine.... ahead of the promised time. Note these will all be China retail...not U.S. so probably no warranty. Always wanted to try the Panasonics. Good Deal.
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  14. navii
    I ordered the Philips x2 a month or two back and got them fine (to Sydney Australia). They did not email me to let me know they were shipped, only when I checked the tracking info did I see that they were shipped. Also they were the Chinese versions as the box had Chinese writing.
  15. groucho69
    Worst ever. Fake product and no recourse.

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