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  1. CoFire

    SRH1540 - $399 on Amazon now.

    I don't know much about this headphone but looking at the pricing history, it's normally $499.
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  2. Shane D
    Thanks for the follow up. I certainly don't "need" another pair. My HD6XX are due in the next few weeks and that will give me four pairs, not including the Bose which are only for traveling.

    The SR325E'S have shown me the benefits of open backs, but I am not sure they're a keeper.

    Shane D
  3. Terco
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  4. topgunsphd
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
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  5. maheeinfy
  6. drwlf
    Just in from the HiFiMAN newsletter:
  7. donato
    Looks like they have 12% (FALL-12 coupon code) off right now on their site for North America.
  8. trellus
    Looks like it may be the new normal street price -- seeing the same price at Guitar Center and B&H. The most comfortable closed headphones I've ever had or tried.
  9. Ekul61
    Sounds good. was told last yr they had a 25% black fri. might be worth the wait
  10. Zachik
    Sigh... I have been waiting forever for the HEXv2 price to drop, and all I get is a $100 drop?!
    I guess I will keep waiting... :frowning2:
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  11. hemipowered007
    Bringing back the he5 I like it! They need to bring the he4 back so I can buy another. I'll have to see what that he5+ef100 deal ends up being, may be another hit to the ol wallet this year after all.
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  12. talan7
    Yeah, I saw that. That’s not Black Friday prices! Black Friday would be like $799, 50 available or something like that.
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  13. ezekiel77
    Megamini has a nice price!

    And yeah HiFiMan doesn't lower down the price of their flagships.
  14. Zachik
    Susvara is flagship at $6000, HEKv2 is flagship at $3000. HEXv2 is not a flagship at $1300. Used can be had for $1000 or so, but I agree with @talan7 - for BF it should be $799.
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  15. leobigfield
    Is the megamini worth the 99 price? Xduoo x10 can be had at 109 from tomtop from time to time.

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