1. ezekiel77
    I mistook the Megamini for the Supermini which has balanced out. Megamini according to a review performs at the same level as Shanling M1.
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  2. Decommo
    Can anyone knows where I can get notification for black friday sale for Peachtree Audio? I am interested in getting their Integrated amp during the sale period if there is a good deal and not sure where I can get the notification for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Jkane101
    upload_2017-11-14_10-3-53.png upload_2017-11-14_10-3-53.png
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  4. imackler
    I heard Noble sent out an email re BF. Anyone get it? I really hope UE offers that stellar end of October deal again.
  5. Terco
    I'm wondering how many people is gonna get the Noble Encore when they go on sale, they offered 20% off last year.
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  6. Terco
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  7. Decommo
    Thank you. It is the same price currently on Amazon so not sure if it is the price for Black Friday :)
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  8. RvTrav
    @dweaver thanks for the heads up on the Audiofly Adagio CL7 from Visions. Received them today and just finished placing my order for the Audiofly AF120 that they now have on sale for $68.00 Canadian. Nice change not having to pay exchange on US dollars.
  9. dweaver
    Been tempted to pick up the AF120 but prefer having a mic which that model is missing.
  10. Zachik
  11. dweaver
    Just saw that Visions has the Af140 on their site. Let's see if they go on sale too! Reading reviews they seem to be more of a "fun" IEM which might be up my alley :)
  12. Terco

    Join us in celebrating the holiday season by taking 20% off all universal IEMs beginning Friday, November 17th, at 12:00 am PST for 72 hours!

    Plus, receive a complimentary legacy Savant ($599 value)* with the purchase of any Katana or Kaiser Encore.

    Wait, isn't Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving?

    Yes, that's correct, however this year we decided to run our event a little early to coincide with a new product launch Friday!

    *while supplies last

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  13. NightAngelz
    Hah..was really hoping they offered discounts for their custom line instead
  14. LazyListener
    Does anyone know if has released any information about upcoming deals on Black Friday? I recall a couple of years ago, everyone but me it seemed, knew the HD 598s would be on sale weeks ahead of BF.
  15. gugman
    I think it is a high time for me finally to get Sage !!!
    thank you for sharing the info !

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