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The bassist IEM's you have ever heard Put Them Here!!!

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  1. eso6686
    JH16Pro is definitely the bassiest of them all...it is just not have strong the bass is but also have tight and controlled as well... It is like have 2 really good 12" SQ subs in your ears.
  2. Lunch Supreme
    hippo vb, eterna, turbine, cks70

    Ie8, turbine pro and especially the JH16pro all cost too much if you're just looking to blow your brains out with bass.
  3. Neithan
    I've own the CX300, EP-630 and CX500 and the CX500 were the bassier!
    Today I have the Panasonic RP HJE-900 and the bass is more controled, whit more detail, but doesn't go soo deep like it did whit the CX500...
  4. SkippyMcHaggis
    gonna echo batpig: Munitio Teknines.  they're borderline ridiculous.  but really fun.
  5. dailydoseofdaly
    s4 over x10 only as far as sub bass impact.
  6. Vegeta55555
    1:  Koss Plug
    2: UE 5EB
    3. TF10 (sub bass)
  7. jacobap100
    after what i have seen  the ue5eb and turbine must have a lot of bass
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
    Ivery IS-1, yikes!
  9. B9Scrambler
    SUR s808. Such an awesome little bass monster :) cheap too!
  10. ZMan2k2

    You guys resurrected a 4 year old thread. You need to go here.
  11. HiFiChris Contributor
    There's a difference between the bassiest iems one has heard and the best iems for bass, just saying. The Ivery definitely doesn't belong to the latter imo.
  12. nehcrow
    I'm guessing you haven't read the thread because they seems they are actually looking for the bassiest IEMs they can get
    Also bassiest would have to be something like... Hippo VB -> Digizoid ZO2 (cranked to da max) -> Fiio X3 (eq all the mids/treble down to the lowest setting and eq the bass to da max)
    Happy listening
  13. B9Scrambler

    I just joined in since it had already been resurrected and covers a different topic (but it is closely related...I'll give you the). Also, I've already been participating in the thread you linked :) The bassiest iem I've heard is the SUR. That's what the title asks for.
  14. SoundDoc
    The Klipsch IE10s have excellent bass and excellent sound isolation for those who can get a seal with the available tips. Their mid frequencies can get muddled and it the distortion I have measured is higher in the mid frequencies than in the low. However, these headphones don't have low bass or ultra low bass. Translated, they have excellent bass down to two octaves below middle C, the output drops for the next octave and isn''t there at all below 32 Hz. I have two other IEMs that have excellent response below 32 Hz, one is no longer manufactured, however, and the other has it''s own built-in DAC (Z:ero Digital Earphone by Zorloo), the point being that ultra-low bass output is possible for IEMs.
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