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The bassist IEM's you have ever heard Put Them Here!!!

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  1. yliu
  2. cn11


    Yeah, the AT was the most bassy earphone I've ever heard for sure. A bit overcooked though! 


    cn11, did they have more bass than the denon C710? I found the bass on the C710 to be pretty pompous for an IEM.
  4. cn11
    I didn't have them at the same time, but I think I remember the CKS70 having even slightly more, yes. They were both pretty pompous as you say!
  5. DJGeorgeT
    Monster turbines, MEelectronics M9, and Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 EB (extra bass)
  6. 3X0
    JH16s. Silly globs of unnecessary sub-bass.
  7. onebandonesound
    CX 300, Ink'd

  8. Koopa989
    Monster Turbines
    i havent heard that many iem's but they do beat the older Bose Triport In-Ears and the Skullcandy Inks pretty easily in bass imo, and well everything else for that matter.
  9. jacobap100
    I also heard that the MTPG are pretty bassy 
  10. mcnoiserdc
    UE superfi 5 eb, Monster turbines.
  11. barleyguy
    The mid-bassiests IEMs I've owned were the Sony MDR-35EX.  The X10's are bassy, but still relatively balanced and detailed.  JVC Marshmallows are bassy, but it could be that they just sound that way because of lack of treble extension.
  12. lebomb
    V-moda Bass Freqs have the deepest, most rumbling bass Ive ever heard from an IEM.  The Sony XB-40EXs have a ton of bass, they just dont drop as low as the BF.  These things are bass monsters. 
  13. batpig
    Munitio 9mm's no doubt!  They have much more sub-bass than the Turbines which were my previous "bass king".
    I think I have to hear the Radius DDM and Hippos because they keep getting mentioned in these discussions!
  14. extinguish
    i think hje900 are bassy. anyone agree with me?
  15. cn11


    Agreed about the balance on the X10. Sometimes I still miss my pair (s). Two pairs had the cable strain relief at the base of the earphone body split. So they were returned. Something about their smooth, deep, and detailed sound still remains on my mind today. Also, unfortunately, I didn't know about Sony Hybrid tips at the time I owned them and I've since read a few comments that they are a fantastic match for the X10s.... 
    I would love to try another pair again but the problems with the cable strain, and the feeling of how chintzy the cord is, will probably keep me away. 
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