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The bassist IEM's you have ever heard Put Them Here!!!

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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    You know, I've heard a lot of IEM's and a lot that sound like they've got bass, but few really really hit the low notes. The Nocs NS200, however, ain't one of those. They are like 80$ (expensive) but have big, nice bottom ends. I'm not sure if they are the bassiest i've heard as I don't remember everything, but they are very very bassy, certainly more so than any competing product I've heard in the price range. The MEEL wood iem, too is mass bassy and so too, is the Mingo WM2, but the Mingo and the MEEL tended to boom too much into the lower midrange for comfort.
  2. batpig

    I think this is the wrong thread to complain about too much bass! [​IMG]
  3. Mdraluck23
    Klipsch Image S4's are pretty bassy. My first "real" IEM about two years ago maybe? When I was in that phase where all I wanted was bass. (Or so I thought)
  4. Xymordos
    CX300II definitely wins.
  5. barleyguy


    The cable boots on mine split too.  That's one of the reasons that I had my X10's remolded as customs.  Supposedly they've fixed the durability issues with the X10's in new stock.  Unfortunately there's no way to know how long a particular vendor has had them lying around, since they didn't change the model number or anything.
  6. Smallville
    Of the IEMs I've had, the M11+ has the most bass. They're like mini subwoofers next to my ears.[​IMG]
  7. Pianist
    The bassiest I've heard are CX300 and IE8.
  8. JoeyRusso
    The HJE900 had good impact and decent control. The Meelec M6 has decent impact, but they can be sloppy.  The IE8 with the right seal will resonate through your whole body.  The W3 has the best bass impact and body of the BA's I've had the pleasure of hearing, but the Bass King for me are the Hippo VB's.  They can be downright ridiculous with the max bass plug in.  I'm currently enjoying them with the middle set of ports and decored Comply's.
  9. extinguish
    I'm not complaining. I'm just saying what the thread title asked us to do, putting the most bassy phone that we owned here.

  10. jacobap100
    I will be getting the monster turbine pro gold and I will tell you guys how bassy those are.
    My most non bassy pair is the HD 380s.
    HD380=NO BASS!!!
  11. rymd
    Koss KE29 cheapos
    more bass than the skullcandy IEMs i've heard, hje900, vb, beats, meelec m9
    makes my DDM sound like a RE0 in some songs
  12. Lupino
    The M11+ is the bassiest for me.
  13. HawkinsT
    From memory cx300 has more bass than ie8.
  14. Confispect


  15. piotrus-g
    A-jays two, T-jays three, NE-6, IE8, W3, Eterna V1
    In a bad way: Mee9, ep-630, UE metro.fi 220
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