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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. EveTan
    Whoops. looks like that one in particular had channel imbalance. got refunded. But not too sure where to go from here. Slowly the urge to get a W3000 is dwindling haha. 
  2. dallan Contributor
    Channel inbalance? Huh. Well the w3000anv is one of the two headphones that are the foundation of my system along with the hd800s, and I have five or six "flagship" headphones/earphones.
  3. Failed Engineer
    Never heard of a case of channel imbalance on a pair of these.  Strange.
  4. AppleheadMay
    I had two pairs of them and am about to get a new pair again.
    The W3000 is not a correct phone, it's very dreamy and mid-centric ... which makes you fall in love with it with the right music.
    Rainy day, dream away, let the sun take a holiday!  :)
  5. dallan Contributor
    Add a Zana Deux amplifier and you can see just how accurate it gets.:cool:
  6. Mach3
    You can try contact Dopaminer (David), he usually can get you new condition one from Japan.
  7. up late

    i notice the th900's midrange dip and the fr charts confirm it. it is what it is and not problematic for me.
  8. Ra97oR

    Where did you get the W3000 from? (Or were you referring to TH900?)
  9. EveTan
    Oh no, the seller didn't send it to me. When he checked it, it had imbalance. Then he refunded my money. 
    So yeah, it was some head-fier from Malaysia. 
  10. Ra97oR
    Seeing that you do like your FitEar... The W3000 can be a bit of a well targeted poison, most likely you will find it present itself somewhat similar to the FitEar MH series. Well worth a listen, don't give up just yet. I certainly love mine.
  11. EveTan
    Haha thanks!
    Actually, the problem really isn't about giving up on the W3000s... it's just that there are too many options to choose from >.<... I'll send you a pm of what I mean. 
  12. ozz007
    I got my pair and put on the j$pads I had lying around and they sound amazing.
  13. Mach3

    Did you contact David?

    I don't know what your taste in music is, but I absolutely love my W3000 with vocals\acoutics.
    Although the TH-900 boost more technical refinement over the W3000.
    The coloration of the W3000 make it the most euphonic sounding headphone I have listen to so far.
  14. EveTan
    I definitely do enjoy my vocals. But Im afraid it might sound nasally/ congested. I normally listen to jpop/a lil rock/and even though anisong isnt quite a genre, there's a good amount of acoustic + vocals.

    Also interested if anyone has comparisons with a 007. Also thinking about that headphone
  15. vlach


    I agree with your assessment of the TH900, D7000 and W3000ANV, which makes me wonder how you would describe the Z7 by comparison?

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