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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Hi folks:

    As the main thread has been locked for quite some time, I think we should try kicking off a new thread. [​IMG]
    In my travels, the W3000ANVs are simply the best closed headphones that I've heard to date. I've owned/heard many of the current/past flagships, but these just hit so many things correctly that I feel that I no longer have to sacrifice sound quality when reaching for a closed pair of cans. 
    Please discuss. [​IMG] 
  2. moodyrn
    Glad to see a new thread on one of my favorite headphones. I hope we can keep it clean this time around. I'm glad you titled it "w3000anv appreciation" thread appreciation being the key word.
  3. Xymordos
    Certainly, they actually let you listen to music without analyzing it.
  4. Lazyboy_sg
  5. bizkid
    I dont know but i'm not sold on these yet. My AT history: W5000, L3000, ESW10JPN, AD2000, A2000x, A900LTD. From all my ATs the W3000ANV was the most expensive headphone so i'm a bit underwhelmed. I got my W5000 and L3000 some years ago when the euro - yen exchange rate was alot better. I got the W5000 for around 650€ and my L3000 2nd hand in japan for 800€ (nice deal but it's the normal 2nd hand rate (120.000Yen) outside the head-fi hype). Now i loved and understood the W5000 and L3000 for both their strengths and weaknesses but i'm not really getting the W3000anv. It sounds a bit thin (i got perfect seal) and the mids are not _that_ great but good, however even the ESW10JPN had more "magic" in the mids for my taste. What sounds great on the W3000ANV are acoustic and electric guitars. Especially  drums and electronic base drums sound too tiny as do some female vocals. I hope these will grow on me, only had them here for a week and still burning them in. On drums the A2000x was very good and makes a drumset sound very real, close to the HD800 actually. The L3000 had a "larger than life" to it for everything including drums.
  6. Dr. Roberts
    With a high-end source and top of the line amplification, the "magic" is there for this listener. Listen to them for a while, the SQ does improve with additional hours of use. The W3000ANV will become a classic in the same vein as the HD 650 IMHO.
  7. bizkid
    All the other ATs i mentioned showed off what they can do without the need for a highend source and amp, that's what i'm used to with audio-technica. Especially the L3000 and ESW10JPN sounded great out of everything. I've also owned the HA5000 before with my W5000 and L3000 but changes were more or less subtle compared to non-highend amping. The HA5000 was a pretty neutral amp, tonality didnt change at all while better dynamics and soundstage were the biggest gain, relatively. From my ATs the W5000 gained the most from the highend source and amp because it was extremly detailed so this might aswell apply to the W3000ANV.
    I just had a listen after a 2 day break and the mids gained transparency plus the soundstage improved with a more distinct space around elements in the mix but especially more room around vocals. Sounds promising so far. Having owned so many AT headphones there's one interesting aspect of them. I can easily detect their signature before and after burn in. I bought my W3000 2nd hand and from the first moment listening to them it was clear that these didnt have many hours on them. I would be surprised if the original owner had used them for more than 10-20hours.
  8. Frank I
    These are my favorite headphones. They are so good at so many things. i also have forgotten about the D7000 as these are much better all around and sound so involving my collection. With this and the hd800 I am  satisfied with my system. I see no more upgrades in my setup and that say's it all as the AT3000ANV has me satisfied. I am still surprised that they are not all sold out.
  9. bizkid
    Even the L3000 took a long time to finally sell out, you could actually get them for a really good price when the last display models were sold in japan's audio shops. However the ESW10 sold out pretty quickly didnt it? With the pricing in europe and no rebates i'm pretty sure you will still find the W3000ANV on sale 2-3 years from now.
  10. Dr. Roberts
    Although it wasn't love at first sight (or listening exerience) quality, long-standing relationships take time to develop. Sounds as though you may very well be on your way to a mutually satisfying arrangement.
  11. Ryujen
    Had my eye on this AT woodie for quite a while now but I'm still deciding between this or the LCD2/3. I wonder which would be a better yin to the HD800's yang.
  12. Frank I
    I love having one closed with my HD800 and this is outstanding and the best closed phone I have owned
  13. 3rdear
    That's a tough choice.  LCD2 & W3000anv are both good phones with their respective strength and weaknesses.  LCD2 is a good all rounder with a slightly warm bassy thicker sound, nice sub bass extension, and strong mids.  W3000 has a glossy sound with a thinner, more delicate articulation, prominent smooth treble, mid bass bump, and mids that makes vocals sometime sound "wet or emotional" compared to the LCD2.  W3000 is more intimate/rich/full/forgiving of source and fun in presentation, while LCD2 is more balanced, natural/organic, and transparent.
  14. third_eye Moderator

    I just snagged a pair of these and am looking forward to them being alongside my HD800. I've heard both LCD2 and 3 and I liked the 3's but the comfort (or relative lack thereof) make them a non-starter for my rather large head.
  15. MacedonianHero Contributor
    ^ Bingo!
    Got the Wallin' Jennys album you recommended today (Bright Morning Stars) and loving what I'm hearing with the W3000ANVs. Simply some of the best female vocals I've heard and the W3000s hit the nail right on the head.
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