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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    It's not that I prefer the Z7s, but I've finally come to realize with closed headphones you're always making compromises. As I rarely need that much isolation in my main setup, I've settled on the more affordable Z7s.
  2. vlach

    Got it, thanks.
  3. Mach3

    Hmmm.. Makes me want to grab a Z7 now :frowning2:
  4. mink70
    Just wanted to say that this has become my favorite headphone, and that it pairs magically with the Pono Player. I'm enjoying the combo more than I did the W3000 with a DNA Sonett 2/Havana DAC rig, which was outfitted with expensive 50-year-old tubes and fancy ICs and power cords. The W3000 with the PP just plays the tune, more engagingly and movingly than any cans I've heard, and its reasonably portable.
  5. Mach3
    Not surprising considering the DNA is more for higher impedance cans, even though there is a impedance selector.
    You might have save some head fier a few $$$$ with that information.
  6. wind016
    Just exactly how I feel! Though I use a Zana Deux SE. I pretty much completely stopped my upgrading when I got the Zana, W3000ANV, and HD800. This was over 2 years ago... Haven't done a thing with my setup in years. I was so much more active back then, but I definitely don't miss that upgrade itch. The Zana and W3000ANV is such a good pair. Acoustic instruments and vocals sound so natural and intimate. I really have no gripes and I've been so particular. There might be something out there that sounds better, but I'm not sure I've heard it.
  7. up late
    think the analytical hd800 and romantic w3000anv would complement each other nicely
  8. Failed Engineer
    This combo is what I've settled on after much experimentation with sources, amps, and headphones.  I really don't need anything else.  But I wouldn't describe the HD800 as analytic.
  9. up late
    well it's a common descriptor for it but no biggie
  10. dallan Contributor

    Zana-w3000/hd800 here too and have no need to upgrade my home setup other than experimenting with different dacs now and then. Even there I don't need much, pulled out my home dac and put Hugo in line. Very happy with it all, when I go to meets, the upgrades would be imperceptible even with high digit items.
  11. mink70
    Wait, how could I have saved anyone any $$$$ with what information? 
  12. Mach3
    The fact that pono player gave you more enjoyment than DNA/Havana DAC with the W3000. Correct me if I'm wrong that the pono player is a lot cheaper than the DNA/Havana DAC rig
  13. mink70
    Ah, okay, understood. I could have saved myself some serious $$$$, too, but this hobby sometimes involves lots of trial and error, no?
  14. BlakeT
    We all hear things differently, but from my perspective, the W3000's are not even remotely nasal or congested.
    I love mine and I have zero complaints.  I really don't think I will ever sell them.  It is the definition of an all-time classic for me.
  15. rev92
    If anyone is looking to trade/sell hi's W3000anv then let me know...i miss them :)
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