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The Audio Lounge

  1. SpeakerBox
  2. Podster
    Well obviously the real drool getup was this rack setup back then:yum:

    Pioneer Days 009.jpg

    I was a new father and just an E3 USAF and I really envied my single buddy Rick because he bought the full Spec rack and had them hooked up to JBL L-65 Jubal's and let me tell you the first time I heard War's "Galaxy" album I was totally mesmerized:grin:

    Pioneer Days 005.jpg
  3. Podster
    Ah hear it is, my German landlords killer wall paper always made a nice back drop:rolling_eyes: LOL

    79 System.jpg

    The other fodder in the rig was an Aiwa 6550, Thoren's TD-115 and Teac 4300:wink:
  4. groucho69
    I exist but to serve at your pleasure.
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  5. groucho69
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  6. groucho69
  7. Podster
    Ooh the black face models:yum: Don't think Pioneer did those until the 80 series, a lot of the other manufacturers followed suit though as the black was sharp albeit a little harder to keep clean (Dusted)!
  8. SpeakerBox
    The 5590 was the black face 1250.
  9. Podster
    Yep, I believe you are correct SB. Looks like it was the 90 series before they released the black face models because as I've found the 80's were all still silver! Come to stink of it they also lost the wood cabinets in favor of the all metal chassis:frowning:

    Pioneer Days 002.jpg
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  10. jerick70
    Trip down memory lane. Kit back then sounded so good. I wasn't into audio in those days.
  11. groucho69
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  12. groucho69
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  13. groucho69
    Now what we all were waiting for

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  14. groucho69
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  15. Podster
    Ha, Pod's been hooked since he was a 10 year old boy! Older brother was Huey mechanic in the Army (Marshal Islands) and when he upgraded his stereo system in 1968 my hand-me-down was a Grundig Short Wave tube receiver w/matching two ways (10" Sub & 3/4 paper cone tweets), my parents took me to a local repair/used gear shop and the guy sold me a Dual 1249 table with a V15 on it and he put a matching DIN cord on it to work with the Grundig. I remember the first record album (Every Picture Tells A Story) I ever bought myself with my own money summer of 1971 like it was yesterday!
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