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The Audio Lounge

  1. grs8
    I use a Kenwood C2 pre and M2A power-amp, the C2 is completely over-worked with new, better and capped op-amps, etc.
    The M2A need some replacement parts, but I have to import them from the US, postage is expensive an then customs and tax. -.-
    It's cheaper to buy a new power amp...
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  2. OldDude04
    The M1060 is done now. I painted the orange away, lol.

    In progress:

    Finished product:
    1.jpg 2.jpg
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  3. Podster
    Nice job OD and those pads look super comfy:beerchug:
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  4. SpeakerBox
    You got that right. You all should add your thoughts to the vintage integrated / receiver thread.
  5. OldDude04
    They really are, most comfortable pad I've ever used. I had them custom made by Vesper Audio, all alcantara with memory foam.
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  6. Podster
    I'll have to do that sometime myself SB, have had many vintage gears pass through the Ponderosa over the years and tons of friends still running theirs as well:wink:
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  7. Midgetguy
    You remember 1971 like yesterday? Damn, I can't remember last week :D

    Is that the Hifiman Sundara headband?
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  8. Podster
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  9. HungryPanda
    I can remember up to 1974 then it gets a bit cloudy
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  10. OldDude04
    Close! It's the HiFiMan HE-560 v2 headband. Adorama has/had them for $9.99. I bought 2, lol.

    EDIT. It's still there for $9.99
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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  11. Midgetguy
    Thought it looked familiar, just that it was orange instead of the silver that I thought it was for the Sundara.

    Those purchases were parts costing less than the threshold for qualifying audio items; you're probably still only at 3 pieces of audio gear purchased so far this year :D. I'm sure if we say it enough, we can convince everyone it's true :p
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  12. Podster
    Ah, my Jr. year of HS. Come to think of it I did have a few cloudy incidents but obviously no long term damage:thinking: Doh, then again:rolling_eyes:
  13. Midgetguy
    Should I make you feel old? I graduated HS in 2012 :p
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  14. HungryPanda
    1977 baby
  15. Podster
    Jesus, I got shirts in my closet from the 80's:scream_cat:

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