The Astell & Kern AK240

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mrbig, Dec 28, 2013.
  1. intlsubband
    No difference to the available space. I formatted to FAT32 as this is what A&K recommend for their devices.
  2. jwbrent
    That's unusual ... every microSD card I've bought was a Sandisk and the advertised storage was always met.
  3. kel77
    The difference is the way the Operating Systems see 1MB =1024 kB compared to what a memory device advertised as 1000 kB.

    Hence you will always see a lower space in your device when you mount it.
  4. cuiter23
    Still in the honeymoon period with my AK240 but wow does this little player pack a punch. Didn't know portable could sound this good... I felt the same when I got my AK300 and now this just takes it to another level.

    Another very happy head-fier!
  5. jwbrent
    Congrats! It’s a great little player that still compares to the best available.
  6. chawya22
    Has anyone been able to, successfully use the 240 as a DAC, on Mac OS High Sierra? I believe, the last Mac OS version that worked, without the crackling sound of an imaginary fire in the background, was El Capitan. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.
  7. jwbrent
    Not good. Perhaps going back to El Capitan.
  8. Omega139
    Hey guys,

    I was interested in getting a new DAP for around 1200. I was looking into getting a Sony M7a1 or ZX2. However, I might just get a used Ak240! How does the AK240 compare to those two>
  9. Andricop
    Hello everybody,

    I would like to know how better the AK240 is than the AK300 ?
    I like very much the AK300 for its size, controls, UI but for my teste it lacks "precision" for the voices and "spatialization" for the instruments.
    I tried the Sony WM1A which I didn't find really better (both were used with balanced output) and I find it a little big too big and I hate the proprietary sony usb cable. I'm also looking for a warm sound.
    So I think I'll stick with an AK but which one ? SP1000 is big and expensive, so should I take an AK240SS (there is also a gold but I don't know what changes soundwise ?) or an AK380 (copper for a warmer sound?) ?
    Thanks for your help !
  10. cuiter23
    What is your sound preference?
  11. Andricop
    I liked the AK300 but I found the sound a little bit too "narrow" and some lack of clarity. The WM1A was a little bit better in clarity but too "cold" for my taste. I'm using them with Earsonics EM3-Pro which have a warm and natural sound.
    Did you find a big difference between the 300 and the 240 ?
  12. olddude
    240SS will likely not have the "warm sound" you are looking for. It's brighter than the standard 240. The standard 240 has very good sound and UI, it's just a bit dated. But if you find a good one, it may do what you want re sound sig.
  13. Omega139
    Does the 240ss have a different sound than the gun metal one? I just cancelled my SS 240 because I like the gunmetal more, but I didn’t know they had a different sound. How would you compare the two?
  14. cuiter23
    The AK240SS is brighter, the gold sounds the same as the original one.

    The AK240 is the superior player compared to the AK300. I find the user interface to be exactly the same in terms of fluidity. The AK300 has a warmer sound with a bit more heft in the lower region although the AK240 edges out the 300 in terms of clarity, spaciousness, and speed.
  15. Omega139
    Thank you. How much of a difference are we talking here? Also, what does bright and warmer mean to you :) thank you

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