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The Astell & Kern AK240

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mrbig, Dec 28, 2013.
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  1. intlsubband
  2. jwbrent
    I see no reason why it wouldn't. When the 200GB card came out, A&K advertised 128GB as the maximum capacity card for the 240, but everyone who bought the 200GB card, myself included, had no troubles, at least from what I recall in reading this thread.

    I expect 256GB cards to go lower in price due to this new release, and I also expect within a year we'll have 500GB cards from Samsung, then Sandisk.

    If you need the storage now, buying from Amazon ensures if for some reason it doesn't work, you're not out of luck.
  3. jwbrent
    I meant to write 512GB microSD cards are coming in the next year.
  4. intlsubband
    Thanks, I might just bite the bullet and give it a try - I'm at a point where I need to delete music to add new music, and it's a dilemma I hoped never to had again...

    I've been using the 200gb card for a long time, I was eyeing the 256gb card since it came out, but the price did not justify a 56gb extra storage for me... but 200gb extra is worth it for me at the moment.

    I'll report here to confirm whether it works well or not.
  5. jwbrent
    Please do.

    I'm out of space myself with my 240 full and my 200GB with about 1GB left. I'm going to be interested in the 400GB card myself at some point.
  6. Dingding123
    guys, i've got an issue with my ak240. It gets stuck at the boot-up animation forever when I try to turn it on. Reminds me of boot-loop for android phones. Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks :)
  7. growltiger
    How long have you had this AK240? I don't know the answer to your question, but I am worried that this is waiting for me down the pike!
  8. Dingding123
    It's about 2 years old
  9. growltiger
    You've now got me worried!
  10. jwbrent
    Have you tried resetting your 240. I seem to recall you have to hold the power button for 12 seconds in order to do this.
  11. Dingding123
    I have, it just doesnt turn on.
  12. cuiter23
    Just got my AK240! Definitely a good step up from my previous 300.
    Niyologist likes this.
  13. intlsubband
    btw, for those still interested, the 400gb micro SD card works flawlessly with the 240 on FAT 32 format
  14. intlsubband
    Yep, works great! have been using it for several weeks now with no incident. I have it about 60% full at the moment, and an almost full internal memory.
  15. Jalo
    I have the 400 Gb San disk card also. It comes already formated in exfat format and it actually has only 366gb of space. Just out of curiosity, when you reformat it in Fat 32, how much space is left after the reformat?
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