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The all new Continental Dual Mono

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. PaganDL
    One day maybe people, one day maybe.
  2. tracyca
    Last night I tube roll a pair of RCA 6021 tubes I found behind my dresser, forgot I had them. Boy I’m glade I found them they pair great with the CDM, top to bottom they’re top notch.
  3. shotormotor
    Do you actually use the DAC part of CDM when using iPad?
  4. tracyca
  5. jonathane40
    Had anyone used the ALO CDM with the RME ADI-2 Dac? I’m curious how the amp section of the CDM would sound being fed by the ADI-2 Dac. Is the amp section of the ADI-2 Dac inferior or superior to the amp section of the ALO CDM?

    Look forward to your comments!
  6. kertong
    Loving my CDM with the campfire audio atlas! also have the noble kaiser Encores, and while they are more transparent/airy/analytical, they sound almost sibilant after the atlas. atlas is nicely cohesive, firm and controlled, punchy, smooth, and pairs really well with the CDM once the tubes are fully warmed up!

    That said, quick question - as I use the CDM at work, but charge at home, I find myself running out of juice towards the end of the day. I don't want to lug the CDM *and* the charger to work, and I cannot seem to find a spare charger to order on the alo website.

    I happen to have one of those "universal AC adapter" thingies that go up to 12V, and has a tip that fits size/polarity of the CDM.

    My questions:

    1) Can I use the 12V adapter to top off the battery? CDM itself indicates 12.6V input, wondering if 12V is acceptable or not.
    2) The ALO-provided ac adapter wallwart has an LED to indicate charging/completed. Is this LED color triggered via current draw, or is the overcharge protection / logic circuitry in the wallwart itself? i.e, were I to leave the CDM charging via the "dumb" universal AC adapter, would I explode the 18650s by overcharging them (if that's possible? sorry, not an EE).

    Thanks all!
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  7. SDBiotek
    My guess is that ALO still has the wall wart available. Just contact ALO through the company website and ask. I did that some time ago when I couldn't find my charger.
    As for your universal charger, as long as it outputs DC and the cable has the correct polarity, it should work fine. The main thing is it needs to output DC and the polarity matches. Nearly all rechargeable devices , if not all, will not keep drawing current indefinitely and blow up your batteries. Hooking up an AC adapter for something that needs DC, now that would be bad!
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  8. kukkurovaca
    Please note that the charger for the CDM contains the circuitry which determines when to stop charging the battery. You would need to replace it with a charger that also has this circuitry. Most universal chargers don't have this.

    ALO does carry replacement chargers, I just recently ordered one from them. I think their website is just janky sometimes.
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  9. SDBiotek
    Thanks for the clarification! I wasn't totally sure if the CDM had built in overcharge protection. In general, my experience with universal chargers hasn't been too good. Maybe there are some ok ones, but the tip adapters on the ones I have tried we're not very good quality and did not always fit well. There's a good reason to pay a bit more and get higher quality chargers that exactly match the specs your device needs.
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  10. kertong
    Ahhh, that's what I was worried about! I plugged the charger in for about 10 minutes while it was empty and verified it does charge the battery; but no more, it would be a terrible fate to overcharge this unit.

    Thanks everyone! Will reach out to ALO about ordering a new wall wart. Thanks all, happy listening!
  11. kukkurovaca
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  12. kertong
  13. tracyca
    I'm stock for life with my CDM! 20181126_130514.jpg
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  14. tracyca
    Telefunken, Mullard, Valvo! I've been holding on to these for a minute! 10 new set of tubes delivered today. 20181126_130650.jpg 20181126_130650.jpg 20181126_130650.jpg
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  15. kertong
    WOW! Would love to hear your impressions! Would you be interested in selling any of your mullards? :)

    And where did you get the new silver chassis parts? :O I couldn't decide whether to get black or silver; got black but would love to buy a silver chassis!!
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
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