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The all new Continental Dual Mono

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. tracyca
    I actually have to send the Mullard, Valvo, telefunkens back. They and 2 other sets of tubes have black pcb and they need to be on green pcb.
  2. tracyca
    I found a new favorite tubes for the CDM a pair of 6111 tong sol 1959yr they have black plates and double square getter! Sonics is out of this world.bass is so fast and tight, midrange are great and the highs WOW, iPad Air2, Spotify, Akg n40.
  3. fordski
    @tracyca It sounds like you're found a nice tube, where did you get these from?
  4. tracyca
    Pacific TV out of Canada. Around 6 month's ago they had them. I just email them to see if they have more. No luck.
    fordski likes this.
  5. fordski
    Thanks for checking, I'll keep an eye on it. Their location is great as I can have shipped to my son who is visiting me in Mexico soon....
  6. singleended5863
    3210D301-98CC-48E0-B67D-4CA506873BFB.jpeg C71DE440-05BE-40B3-9F20-EF93CF769ED8.jpeg Hi CDM owners,
    I had a chance to get a CDM during BF sale and got it yesterday but when open the box and look at this gorgeous toy I found only one short adapter (one end goes to CDM other end is going to the source as DAP I believe). Do you know what DAPs do have sockets fit that end?
    For example, I am using with A&K SR15 which does not have any sockets can be used with that adapter. Any suggestions with available DAP or other adapters as well would be appreciated? Thank you.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2018
  7. jmzeitouni
    The short cable is a 2.5mm trrs balanced cable. Most Astell and Kern DAP have this balance output.

    You can always use any 3.5mm cable to rca or else. CDM has 2 inputs
  8. singleended5863
    When I connected the CDM 2.5 input to the SR15 2.5 output I listened to 2.5 CIEM UM Miracle and can barely hear the sound only the right side with the max volume.
  9. fordski
    There is a switch on the back that should be switched to the left for the analogue inputs and to the right for the USB digital input, check to make sure your switch is set to the left.
  10. paulgc
    @KB is the CDM still in production? It doesn't look like it from the ALO website.
  11. singleended5863
    They have new old stocks on sale on BF and all are sold fast within couple days in their website and warehouse deals. I was lucky snapping one in Maroon color.
    I had a chance to listen to the CDM in SoCal CanJam in 2016 (or 2017) and loved its musical warm sound but could not afford at that time until now. :smile_phones:
  12. kukkurovaca
    Stock availability comes and goes. Also, FWIW the new website is still quite buggy.
  13. kukkurovaca
    Also make sure that all cables are fully seated. Especially with brand new devices, sometimes it's hard to tell.
  14. singleended5863
    The connection of iPhone 7 Plus through CCK and Micro USB is fine.
    One more question if I use android (SE connection for most DAP) do I have to download and install a software just like Vinnie suggested?
  15. singleended5863
    Did anyone have comparison soundwise between the 6111 stock and Phillips 6111WA and 6832 tubes sold by Alo audio? Or any suggestions of other tubes rolling for CDM? Thank you.
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