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The all new Continental Dual Mono

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. kukkurovaca
    Out of curiosity, are those who tried and disliked the Aeon with the CDM using balanced or single-ended? The CDM is definitely underpowered for driving T50RP based headphones in single-ended, but I haven't been able to try them balanced.

    Good results though with dynamic driver headphones run balanced (HD800), and also good results with the Audeze iSine. (Planar, but not so power hungry.)

    I recently got a Phatlab Phantasy (an even less portable "portable" tube amp than the CDM, lol), and that's much more able to drive T50RPs. I imagine the Sassy, which is their hybrid model, might be even better for those headphones with high power requirements.

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  2. vlach
    I meant that 'in general' it depends which DAC you feed the CDM with, not just for the AFC (which i haven't heard btw).
    I think the CDM's biggest strength is its amp section and it doesn't reach its full potential until fed by a full size DAC.
    For example, fed by my AK120ll it is very average. Fed by my Monarchy NM24 with a 2.5V line output level it is so good that in fact i prefer it to my BHA-1. The mids are full, rich and glorious!

    Edit: When fed by my Monarchy NM24, the CDM drives my HD800, T1 and HE-500 very well.
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  3. tracyca
  4. tracyca
    CDM with sylvania 6021 gold brand tubes, Akg k3003i from iPad 2 sound heavnly!
    CDM is such a special piece of Audio gear.
  5. seedubchris
    Sounds like you use other CDM in dac mode . Very warm but not as resolving when used in amp mode fed balanced imho. Glad it’s still working wonders for you . Still want to hear about those new tubes. Get em soldered up and take a video so I can learn. Thanks .
  6. tracyca
    CDM build quality, sound quality, & ability to change tubes. It's a wonderful unique dac/amp.
  7. fordski
    @tracyca I've been following your posts re your tube trials with great interest. Thanks for taking the time to share your results. How did you like the Telefunken tubes?
  8. tracyca
    Thank you, I still have not sent them in for mounting to pcb, I have been lagging. I have a fist full of new tubes like 5718 Mullard but recently purchased a felkis audio espressivo mk2 and been searching for tube deals on that unit.
  9. tracyca
    YES, Sylvania 6021 gold brand is the ticket. They are making my ie800s sing!
  10. seedubchris
    I want to hear what you think about the difference between the slyvania’s and the Mullards. I don’t want to change out the mullards in my CDM until I know they can be bested .
  11. tracyca
    That is why the CDM is so great, you can always change the tubes back if you don't like them. To my ears the sylvania 6021 gold brand has fast impactful bass with lush Mids, and the top end has sparkle without getting to sharp. To my ears it beats the Mullard 6021 from top to bottom.
  12. tracyca
    But I must stress I think the Mullard 6021 is wonderful tube in its own right.
  13. tracyca
    There is also the sylvania 6112 engineer sample tubes that sound awesome!
  14. tracyca
    Bedtime with CDM sylvania gold brand 6021, AKG k3003i from my IPod touch 5th gen. Spotify Viva Latino playlist. I guess I will get no sleep tonite. These Sylvania gold brand 6021 make the CDM sound like a full size tube amp! These tubes are my favorite pair of tubes out of my collection.
  15. cocolinho
    Hi all
    new charger received all good. I ordered Sonotone tubes as well.

    I have an issue with my CDM.
    It is working perfectly with USB input but when I want to connect my dap to the 3.5mm stereo input, no sound.
    Of course I switch the input selection to the right .

    What could be the reason? Since it works fine with USB.
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