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Superlux HD668B are they really that good or just a cheap copycat???

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by noobiiee, Apr 24, 2010.
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  1. Noobiiee
    Just read a review of the Superlux HD668B

    Superlux HD 668B: A Giant Killer? | Headfonia

    These are currently retailed for about 35GBP in UK. I'm considering getting one just for the price. Getting bored of my D1001.

    Only one thing, are these Superlux that good as the guy in the review says??
  2. chrisjackson
  3. audiofil
    Yes they are!
    And they get even better with the velours and a few simple mods (you'll find more info on them at Rock-grotto).
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  4. hk1388
    I'm thinking about getting these. How would these compare to something like the Sennheiser hd280 or Creative Live Aurvana in terms of sound quality? Also, where can I buy velour pads in case I do buy the headphones.
  5. Acix
    Someone can compare them to the K-240DF?
  6. Noobiiee
    Ordered a pair for 35 GBP inc shipping. Gna try them out. Apparently they're comparable to AD700, seems to have more clarity and flatter response than the AD700 but narrower soundstage, which still exist compared to MS1.
  7. pumbaa32
    Yes they are that good. I have one 668B and i find their sound quality to be perfect at its price tag. Solid bass, very detailed treble (abit harh but nowhere near Grados though)
  8. audiofil

    Originally Posted by Acix /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Someone can compare them to the K-240DF?

    I also own the K240DF.
    The Superlux hd668b are pretty much on par..
    They're just as neutral and faithful to the source as the DFs are, but with a slightly different presentation.
    The K240DF sound is pretty midrange centric, with both extremities rather rolled off (bass and highs). The highs in particular are quite soft and smooth.

    Superlux HD668 feels even more neutral with hardly any emphasis or de-emphasis. The high end (>8-10Khz) is a bit more prominent and grainier than the DF's.
    Bass is better. There's more of it, but it's very detailed and textured.
  9. Noobiiee
    just got my HD668b. First impression is that these bad bois is comparable to my V6. Same flat response but warmer mids and highs, and wider soundstage of course. The bass is really tight and neutral. Cannot be more satisfied [​IMG]
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  10. Spacehead
    I don't think these necessary beat MDR-V6 completely. MDR-V6 are hotter and more aggressive, but detailed enough. But these 668B are so accurate headphones that music sounds so natural that I am listening in tears, full of emotion. I had to add a touch of bass with EQ, just slightly so that there is that sensation of bass. These extend very well into 20 Hz but the bass isn't exaggerated by default.
    The soundstage is very accurate, these headphones give all that there is in source file. I use 320 kbit/s MP3 or FLACs. If there is distortion in music these phones distort too. So I need to pick songs that are good quality.
    At first the cheap plastic repulsed me and I didn't like to put them on my head. But now that I have used to the great sound the build doesn't bother me anymore.
    I would like to build a shielded cable for them. It seems to take quite a while to get to know the sound signature of these headphones, it is so neutral.
    If any of you know Head-direct RE2 that have reputation of being very accurate earphones, 668B have pretty similar detail but sound much bigger and better.
    MDR-V6 suffers from a little harsh highs and closed soundstage, when compared to 668B.
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  11. Noobiiee
    ah give me my Superlux back Mikael! [​IMG] Now I'm struggling to find another neutral headphones like them [​IMG] I find the HD438 particularly good when amped with my newly bought Neco even though the HD438 is very efficient. The soundstage just expanded with much better mids and highs! 
  12. dcpoor
    I've seen mention of these selling for ~$30. any one know where to get one for around that price?
  13. Noobiiee
    Check superlux website, I think they list their international dealers there. 
  14. timar
    I just wrote a review of the Superlux, confirming Spacehead's observations:
  15. zephyr90
    They are good, but (quoting myself):
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