1. B

    which of these open backs should i go for?

    i want to get a good open back with a very tight budget of $52. it gets confusing when i see a lot of reviews because they're different, and some even oppose another. what i want the most is clear, balanced mids (maybe if they were bit compromised, i'd be okay, so long they aren't muddy), and...
  2. S

    Philips SHP9600 or Superlux HD-681EVO

    I want to get a open-back headphones and trying to decide between these two. I like my music to sound bright with good amount of bass thump. Please help me decide.
  3. DallaPo

    SUPERLUX - SHOOTOUT (Over-Ear | Semi-Open)

    Shootout between the HD681 EVO, HD668 B and HD672 Criteria: Over-Ear + Semi-Open Price range: 20 € - 50 € Explanation: I keep my headphone reviews as simple as possible and in blog form. For the most part, headphones in a similar price range and with comparable technical characteristics are...
  4. BigBig5

    Need advice for HD668B inserts in front of driver for treble

    I have a pair of HD668B that I modded some. Mods: Added electrical table inside the cups covering the holes. This lowers the sound stage but not too much and helps control the sound. Removed paper inserts in the cups because not needed with 1st mod Removed foam inserts. Clears up the sound...
  5. C

    Superlux HD662F vs HD669 vs HD660

    Hello, I'm very new to this forum beside lurking and reading reviews. I've read a lot about the above headphones minus the HD660 which are relatively new compared to the other 2 models. I'm looking for an affordable closed back pair of headphones with good imaging and soundstage, preferably 50mm...
  6. W

    Portable Sound Card for PC/Laptop

    Hello. I bought Superlux HD-681F yesterday. I am delighted from these headphones! They are amazing, especially for their price! This is my first headphones after Ritmix RH-508 Now I see, that PC/Laptop and smartphone are not the best option for these headphones. I was listening them on Fiio X5...
  7. amsterdance

    Monoprice Retro

    Hi :) I want to know if those headphones will work good in PC/phone without an amp (with decent volume) because they seem to be perfect for what I want but the low sensitivity worries me, that's all. Also, what is the difference between Monoprice Retro / Superlux HD681 / Presonus HD7 in terms...
  8. Alku

    Recabling made sound worse - possible error?

    Hello, Recently i came in possesion of HD681's and liking the sound, i decided to see if i could improve it with some simple mods, one of which being replacing the yanky wires leading to the driver with something more substantial. Using a van damme starquad cable, it has 4 conductors inside, so...
  9. V

    New headphones under 200$

    Hi guys, I'm new here so hello :) I'm from Poland so English is not my native language - I'm sorry for any silly mistakes and whatnot. And a wall of text obviously : ). Anyways, let's get right to the point my old headphones, that is Superlux HD-681, died a while ago and I'm kind of in the need...
  10. D

    Superlux hd669 replacement

    Hi guys, my superlux hd669 is dead and i need to find headphones, what will sound like them? They was good. Maybe more expensive(100$ or cheaper, if i will can get anything better in this price), or will buy them again? I was thinking about k240 Sextett(was cheap lot at auction), but in result...
  11. nxnje

    Do you think i can find a good V-Shaped Over Ear Closed Back headphone under 30€?

    Hello guys, as the long title suggests.. Do you think i can find a good v-shaped over ear closed back headphone under 30€? Or is that impossible? Some years ago i would have never thought we could have top-notch sound in the sub-100$ bracket, and now we see multiple driver iems for the same...
  12. B

    Which one should i get? Superlux 668b or 681 evo?

    I have been watching and reading a lot of reviews about the superlux 668b ad 681 evo and settled down to these 2 as my starter headphone. I was aiming for the phillips shp9500 to drop to 50-60 range but they are way over 100 now. So I need to decide between these two and all over the internet...
  13. audiophilefan

    A Tribute to Head Gear Past

    I’m starting this thread to give tribute to the things that give us joy in this hobby, our beloved head gear. Your experience and opinions on these gear may differ from mine. That is okay. Let us share and be respectful and just enjoy the thread. These are not reviews, and as such, you will not...
  14. Superlux HD672 Composite Material Headphones

    Superlux HD672 Composite Material Headphones

    General Features •The high flexibility and softness of the composite material earpads provides best-fit for the ears •The composite material earpads significantly reduce sound leakage for the best listening experience with more powerful bass (HD671) •High durability compared to the normal...
  15. Prim8NChief

    Ear Pads for Superlux HD668B?

    I need some recommendations on ear pads for my Superlux HD668B headphones. The stock ones are really firm and make my ears warm and sweat. I know velour pads are good but I'm not sure which specific ones I should buy. I measured the ear cups and they're around 105 mm. I think the K240 are about...
  16. Rossinator

    Need help wiring Superlux HD668B

    So after jerking the extension jack out one too many times, using an extension that was way too big and heavy, etc, I damaged the plug and needed to repair it. I followed how it already was when I first did it, but I didn't do a good enough job. Now I'm trying to do it again but can't remember...
  17. D

    Original version of the superlux hd 687

    I've bought a pair of Samson sr850s some 3 years ago and was quite satisfied with the sound it renders at its price point. Now that I want to try another new headphone, I was considering the superlux hd 687 for a Pair of latest headphones. I've not seen any discussions on them. I've heard that...
  18. T

    Superlux hd681 evo vs superlux hd668b

    Hi guys, today i watched the reviews of of the Superlux hd681 evo and of the Superlux hd668b so i have a question, are the 668 better than the 681 evo specially In...
  19. T

    Superlux hd 681 evo or akg k92

    hi guys, this will be my first real headphones and i want to buy the best for my budget (60$/€). Then wich of these will be better ? The superlux hd 681 evo or the akg k92 ? If you know a better solution for the same price don't hesitate to tell me this. Thank you :ksc75smile:
  20. Z

    Which headphones under 40€?

    Hey guys, I'm going to purchase my first pair of chinese headphones soon and most likely need an advice! I'm already into chi-fi, since I purchased several IEMs, but I'm open to any kind of suggestion. I don't care much about open/closed back and would use them for casual music listening, tv...
  21. IkuMiku96

    Superlux HMD-660e first impression (and testing)(might be similar to HD660)

    My Superlux HMD-660e just arrived today now actually wearing it. Bought from a direct supplier (Malaysia branch) that sourced directly from Superlux for around USD 12 (80% discount right now so i bought it) I suppose the HMD-660 is literally Superlux HD 660 with a dynamic mic. I owned Superlux...
  22. D

    how do i fix this ( hd668b)

    my hd 668b started to ''deplug'' on the photo location ( i'm a ignorant, i don't know where it is but check the image) and don't get any sound. If i press it, the sound come back but i need to be in a specific position to get it. Maybe someone can help me? if it can't be fixed i'd accept a...
  23. A

    HD 202ii vs Superlux 662 vs Samson sr 950

    Basically i need these headphones for my daily bus commute.
  24. Polyploidisation

    Best Headphones for 50$

    Hello :smiley: I would like to buy some new headphones for my computer. I've done a little bit of research and these three models seem to be coming up quite often, so I'm wondering which one I should pick. I've looked for threads like this but I could not find any conclusive answer and most of...
  25. Superlux HD661 Anti-Sibilance and Comfort Mod

    Superlux HD661 Anti-Sibilance and Comfort Mod

    Introduction: Superlux HD661 is Superlux's cheap clone to the Sony's legendary MDR-7506(Minus the Audio Technica Wing-Type headband). Due to Superlux carelessly aiming for the MDR-7506 frequency response(Since they could also aim for Balanced Frequency response because Sony designed the 7506...