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Superlux hd669 replacement

  1. drym
    Hi guys, my superlux hd669 is dead and i need to find headphones, what will sound like them? They was good.
    Maybe more expensive(100$ or cheaper, if i will can get anything better in this price), or will buy them again?
    I was thinking about k240 Sextett(was cheap lot at auction), but in result im understand, i cant power them, cause i haven't amp, only esi ugm 96(superlux hd669 was sounding great on this).

    Im looking for detailed, with a good separation of instruments, with a soundstage, pure sounding headphones. A deep(like on hd669), not bulging bass would be a bonus. Im listen a lot of rock, electronic, metal(trash, heavy, nu, doom, progressive) music.
    I have takstar 671(thay sounds bad, 60$) and philips shp895(they sounds good, but still not what im looking for), they have bad quality of details and have no separation on fast genres.
    Maybe i will buy amp in future.
  2. prymortal
    Why not just get a new HD669? If that one sells there is this.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  3. drym
    Yep, im was thinking about it.
    But maybe we have another options? For my wishes of sound.
  4. drym
    Any ideas??
  5. drym

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