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STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by padam, Apr 20, 2018.
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  1. Dan Lee
    Alright who here has heard or preferably owned both the holo audio level 3 and the terminator? Which is better and why? Which is more musical sounding? Soundstage, bass etc.

    I've pretty much narrowed it down to those two.

    Thanks for the help
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  2. BreadMaster
    Don't forget to add the Audio-gd R7 and Totaldac D1core into the mix
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  3. phaeton70
    haven't heard the Holo enough for an educated comment, but IMHO Terminator is a top-class dac, same ballpark as MSB Analog with a sensibly lower price.
    only downside is space/weight: it's big (dual chassis) and heavy.
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  4. FangJoker
    I would purchase through music direct and get the PS Audio Directstream if you're willing to spend Terminator money. Totaldac is also a good choice. My favorite is dCS, but all of these are great and have updates that keep it up to date with new features and sound upgrades. These dacs are built to be updated for many years
  5. Dan Lee
    If I could I would like to ask the members of this thread if you could choose between the Holo Audio Lvl 3 or the Denafrips Terminator which do you go for. The Terminator is obviously more money, but is the terminator that much better then the Holo to justify the extra cash. Which would you choose to pair with a Carbon?

    The Terminator is pretty much at the top of what I would spend on a Dac which is really the only reason I wouldnt consider springing for the Directstream even though I would like that one.
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  6. Dan Lee
    I've decided now on the Terminator after a good deal of research. Only problem... I have no bloody idea where to order it. Its only available right now through Vineshineaudio.com and the U.S. is the only country that they have a hard time shipping to apparently. I have emailed them and am just awaiting a response.

    I think the size and weight of the Denafrips will fit nicely with my enormous Carbon amp haha.
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  7. phaeton70
    that's a great dac, congrats for your new toy :beerchug::beerchug:
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  8. Dan Lee
    Thanks I was leaning toward the Holo simply for budgetary purposes, but I kept reading reviews. I read a lot about the Metrum Pavane, the Holo, the Yggy, PS Audio, Chord, and the Denafrips Terminator. It seemed like everyone who reviewed it said it was just as good if not better then dacs twice its cost and more. It seemed also that it basically was the only dac of the ones reviewed that essentially ticked every box. some were bass shy but overall sounded good or had small soundstage with great imaging etc. The Terminator just ticked all those boxes and was considered incredible in all of those areas.

    Plus its massive and heavy just like my Carbon so I imagine they will get along splendidly haha.

    Now to purchase my 009S.
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  9. Whitigir
    You have been rolling quickly on Stax! Lol! I can relate to your speed and your signature :D
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  10. Dan Lee
    Haha yeah I am pretty damn happy right now. Cant wait for the Terminator to come in and to get my hands on the 009S and 007.
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  11. riverred105
    These are incredible...one day. How difficult are they to drive?
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  12. Dan Lee
    Annnnd the 009S order has been placed. Now its just my least favorite part... the bloody wait.
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  13. Whitigir
    I can’t ever wait for the things I paid...lol
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  14. Dan Lee
    Yeah it definitely is not fun. My terminator is 3 - 4 weeks out, and could be the same for the 009S. But at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Almost time to sit back and just enjoy the sound without wondering whats next.
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  15. Phil95
    Being the happy owner of both the SR009 and SR009S --connected to a BHSE with Philips Miniwatt NOS tubes, see my profile--, I spend a lot of time trying to compare them. The following différences, expressed as "What's better in each", have appeared so far:

    --For the 009S: richer, more exact tones; more micro details
    --For the 009: lower bass level, but bass sounds seem more accurate, well defined, "square"; higher sonic dynamics, especially with percussions (drums, piano…)

    Of course, the whole thing depends on the kind of music played and the listener's hearing habits. For instance, the better dynamics of the 009 is certainly due to a higher treble level, to which one quickly get used; fixing this defect can be felt, for a moment, as a lack.
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