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STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by padam, Apr 20, 2018.
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  1. FangJoker
    Forget about the 009S if they are right about the 009 sounding better with the DIY T2. It sounds like you could be ready to just go all in with stats now so you could sell both planars, the Jr, the ifi amp and dac, and buy the T2 and a Quetest or adi dac 2. Or get a dac from totaldac or dCS and not have to buy another dac for the next dozen years or longer. I heard those dacs last week and I kept thinking about downgrading the car I just picked up and to a GT3 and use the difference for a 2 ch system with those dacs that makes God weep. It kinda crushed the DAVE which is still a very good dac.
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  2. buzzlulu
    If you are downgrading the Porsche Google a Linn Klimax DS and add it to the list of dCS and others you are going to demo. Another DAC you only need to buy once in a lifetime
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  3. ChijiroKuro
    Greetings from Spain to all...

    I agree @buzzlulu ; One of the best systems I've been able to listen to enjoy MUSIC: Linn KilmaxDS (2007 board) & BHSE & 009. The first link in the chain should always be the best source (streamer, DAC, truntable, etc ...) that can be put. And I can imagine how it can be a system with a Linn KDSM Katalist & BHSE & 009S ... Oh my ...

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  4. buzzlulu

    Putting aside the Linn for a moment - how refreshing to see someone on Headfi "gets it" as so many simply don't. It is, and has always been, SOURCE FIRST - the mantra used in two channel and equally valid for headphones. The most expensive headphone amplifier in the world cannot do anything to improve a sub quality DAC. You are simply amplifying a sub par digital conversion.

    If the record player (or DAC) cannot get all of the music out of the grooves then you are leaving things behind - your headphone amplifier cannot make them up. You need to devote the largest chunk of your funds to the source - and make sure you are accurately getting all there is out of the grooves (files).

    As for the Linn - if you only heard the 2007 board just get a chance to demo the Katalyst - WOW! Makes the 2007 sound broken.
    You do realize that Katalyst is the 4th upgrade board (and most likely the last for a while).
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  5. mulveling Contributor
    As mentioned on the other thread - the 009S is a bit richer and more natural sounding than 009 on the Carbon. As if you injected a really good tube midrange into the pairing - which reveals the 009 / Carbon mids as slightly too dry by comparison. That's why it doesn't pull ahead by too much on the BHSE, and actually falls behind the 009 on a DIY T2. Not *everyone* will prefer 009S / Carbon over 009. But most will.

    The 009 and Carbon setup was indeed the result of following good advice. This kind of debate is simply the minutiae you encounter on the very highest levels of headphone sound quality.
  6. phaeton70
    exactly my impressions re 009+Carbon. much better IMHO and for my tastes the 009+GG combo (JJ 6CA7 tubes)
    haven't listened to 009S so long to have an educated opinion, but gut feelings is that it sounds better than 009 on the Carbon, but IMHO still slightly behind 009+GG
    cannot even imagine the 009+T2 combo, should be heavinly
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  7. Dan Lee
    Hey guys there has been a lot of talk on here of sources lately and I have pretty much excepted the fact that the ifi idsd while previously suitable is simply not doing the carbon enough justice. While Im not willing wo go drop $4K or more on a Dac right now I certainly want to upgrade.

    Ive heard a lot of you mention the Yggy 2 and I believe it is a viable option, but I have read a great deal about the Holo Audio Kitsune Tuned Spring Level 3 which is also an R2R DAC and it seems to be considered a little better then the yggy by some and significantly better by others. Have any of you owned one or heard one and if so what are your thoughts? Any other reccomendation are wonderfully welcome as well. Ive pretty much decided I want a dac that is dedicated to being a dac. I dont want to pay for an amp portion that is not needed like found in so many other dacs. Ive also considered something from mytek, but the one that is in the same price bracket as the holo has a built in amp portion which I can only be let to believe will weaken the overall sound of the dac. The holo also has an upgrade to allow hdmi connection which is supposed to completely do away with any and all jitter and or noise issues that could result from usb.

    I am pretty much sold on this damn thing, but if anyone can offer just cause or another option to provide reason to lose interest in this one I am open to your thoughts.

    Thank You all
    Dan Lee
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  8. mulveling Contributor
    Can't help on the Yggy vs Holo sonics, unfortunately. I'm curious about the Holo too. When I read the early Holo impressions after I got my v1 Yggy, I kind of wished I had waited and bought the former. But as time passed, I sold my Yggy, and as more time passed, I wanted a quality DAC again - so I got a Yggy 2. Why not the Holo this time? Because the Yggy has a very robust 2nd hand market. You can sell a Yggy very quick, with relatively little loss. And there's usually a few v1's and often a v2 for sale at any given time. Plus the v2 is at least a little bit better than the v1. I still don't need DSD/MQA/etc. That said, I'm not sure I'm sold on the Schiit USB 5 input yet. It's better than the Schiit USB 3 (which was awful); might be ok. I still use an Audiophilleo on mine. I've been told to try an Eiter, but I can really only stand only one ugly Schiit box around here :wink:
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  9. Whitigir
    Oh...common...you need to get a Ballfingers and you know it well enough
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  10. Dan Lee
    @mulveling thanks for the impressions my friend. You are definitely right about Yggy's resale value. I've considered that as well. I just seem mesmerized by some of the rave reviews on the Holo. Than being said I'm not exactly a genius when it comes to Dacs and simply want something of quality that does away with most of the unneeded parts like an amp when most spending that money are pairing it with an amp and would rather spend no money on the amp portion to get a better dac.

    I am certainly doin more research before I buy and will be open to other possibilities along the way. I was considering Chord Hugo TT2, but at $5K I have heard to many suggest it isn't what they would expect it to be or that it is overrated in some way. So spending half that on a dac that is said to compare to dacs at a much higher price range seems a logical move.
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  11. protoss
  12. protoss
    @Dan Lee

    I recommend the Terminator. Why? Here is what Denafrip said, "The Terminator will be our True Reference Master Class DAC for the next 10 years".
  13. Velomane
    I don't chime in often, but I will today. I run Roon out of my NAS into Yggy2 into a KGSSHV Carbon to feed my 009S's. On a well recorded album this is bliss. Pixies “Doolittle” is utterly amazing across the sound spectrum. No lack of bass here. “Dark Side of the Moon”? More of that nirvana. “Rhapsody in Blue” is equally engaging. I may well be sitting in front of the band. On the down side, crappy recordings are unbearable. I have zero regrets about spending my hard earned cash on this set up.
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  14. phaeton70
    I've listened to the Denafrips Pontus and Terminator for quite long, and I must admit they sound incredibly well for the price.
    If not for my Analog, I would have bought the Terminator immediately.... Analog is a very-little-bit better on pcm, Terminator is a not-so-little-bit better on dsd... both are very musical and engaging on every type of music.
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  15. lithiumnk
    NOS R2R have a very good pairing with carbon/Kgst/009. Few of my friends have this combo and they are more than happy.
    The tonality, transients of NOS shines on 009.
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