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STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by padam, Apr 20, 2018.
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  1. BreadMaster
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  2. Velomane
    Yeah, I know. It's an extremely long shot. Gotta ask anyway.
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  3. thomaskong78

    I pulled the trigger on used Stax 009S and
    KGSSHV Carbon made by loligagger.

    I expect to get those on July 9th.

    As I need long balanced interconnect between Dave and Carbon, I am about to order 2m cables.

    Is Carbon amplifier sensitive to power cables?

    I have several different kind of power cables including Synergistic Research Blue, Analysis Audio.

    My listening chair is far from the equipment rack so I may need extension cable.

    I am afraid that extension cable degrade the sound.

    Does anybody have experience in using extension cable between Carbon Amp and Stax 009(or 009s)?

    If so, I wish to get opinion on the extension cable.

    thanks in advance

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  4. Jones Bob
    I’ve used the STAX SRE-925S extension cable (same silver plated stranded copper as comes stock on SR-009/S) on occasion between my old KGST and KG GG and STAX SR-003mk2, SR-207, SR-L700, SR-007mk2, and SR-009.

    Basically the cable adds some extra capacitance to the headphones for the amp to drive. The higher current KG amps will drive the cable OK, but with lesser amps the sonics will suffer some. With my KGST (@10mA) and SR-007mk2, there was some minor degradation in direct A/B comparison with and without the extension cable. With my GG (@20mA) and SR-009, I would not bet money on me hearing a difference when I did the same test. IMO, with your Carbon (20mA) and SR-009S, SQ using the extension cable should not be a problem to worry about.

    I’ve got a SRE-925S in the hall closet I’m wanting let go. PM if interested.

    Where abouts are you in Washington State? I’m in Vancouver.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
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  5. walakalulu
    There’s a review of the 009S by Chris Martens in the newest Hi-Fi Plus magazine.
  6. Dan Lee
    Hey guys if any of you know any T2 builders would you please PM with some info. I cant help but be curious about that damn thing.
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  7. Whitigir
    There is no need for PM :) you can ask @georgep anytime. Totally recommended
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  8. BreadMaster
    Absolutely @georgep, BEST T2 builder around.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  9. thomaskong78
    I had got delivery of Stax 009S and

    KGSSHV Carbon made by loligagger.

    I am using Jays Audio CDT2 MK2 to connect to Lyngdorf 2170 for digital equalization and then to Mscaler and Dave.

    I am using Sablon Panatella BNC digital cables between Mscaler and Dave and Zenwave D4 from transport to Lyngdorf and Silnote Morpheus II from Lyngdorf to Mscaler.

    From Dave to Carbon, I use Analysis Plus XLR cable.

    After just 5 minute warmup, it sound dynamic with nuanced treble.

    With orchestral music by Heitor Villa Lobos, I had tried soft eq set which lowers 1 db around 7khz and 2db around 15khz.

    With Eva Cassidy's "Autumn Leaves", I use neutral setting(no eq) to get her full voice upwards.

    It does not sound bright or closed in either.

    It is perfect.

    I had also tried "Time Warp" by Telarc.

    With excellent dynamics and wide soundstage, it sounds surreal.

    I am really happy to get this combination.

    From other people's review, I had also considered Raal Sr1a.

    But with this speed and full bloom out of Stax009s, I do not need to look around.

    I will just enjoy music
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  10. QueueCumber
    I’m curious about the SRA1 as well, but I think you made the right move. Too little known about the SRA1 and a lot of mixed extreme reviews to go along with an insane power requirement on them...
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  11. thomaskong78
    It is crazy that Sr1a need 150Watt or more.

    I have two very nice SET amplifiers.

    But they are not going to have enough power to drive it.

    It seems that Chord Dave and Mscaler has good synergy with Stax 009S and KGSSHV Carbon.

    I am listening to " Are you lonesome tonight" by Elvis.

    His voice tone is just spot on.
  12. Whitigir
    For a Headphones ? Lol....why don’t you use speakers amplifier then. I have seen Susvara being used like that
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  13. thomaskong78
    After playing Stax009S and Carbon amp for 6 hours with various music genre, I am convinced that I can live with it until it stop working.

    It sounds musical with clarity, nuanced details and decent dynamics.

    I do not want to be greedy.
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  14. thomaskong78
    After warming Carbon amp for 3 hours it reach temperature up to 120 degree.

    I have no intention to leave it on 24/7.

    But I am wondering whether it is better to cool the amp down after 3 hours for extending its life.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  15. QueueCumber
    Not at all. When it reaches 120 degrees it’s time to cook the eggs on it. :cooking:
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