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STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by padam, Apr 20, 2018.
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  1. tumpux
    No need to worry about the heat if it was built properly.
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  2. Whitigir
    The coolest as in temperature for KG Amp that I have seen gotta be the Grounded Grid
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  3. Dan Lee
    @thomaskong78 I too believe I will be 100% content with the Carbon for a long time to come. @Whitigir helped me come to that conclusion when we were talking about the T2. As much as I would love to have a T2 there is a great deal more to consider with it then just its cost.

    For the time being or until I come into some extra income I am loving the Carbon.
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  4. tumpux
    Yes, I find that solid state amplifiers is more practical for regular day to day usage. You can fall asleep safely while listening to music.
    I didn't quite get it when the baker said so in one of his post, but after comparing it myself I agree with him.
  5. thomaskong78
    Impression after spending 30 hours on Stax 009S and KGSSHV Carbon made by loligagger.

    I am using Jays Audio CDT2 MK2 to connect to Lyngdorf 2170 for digital equalization and then to Mscaler and Dave.

    I am using Sablon Panatella BNC digital cables between Mscaler and Dave and Zenwave D4 from transport to Lyngdorf and Silnote Morpheus II from Lyngdorf to Mscaler.

    From Dave to Carbon, I use Analysis Plus XLR cable.

    After 20 hours of use and I had Stax and Carbon compared with my 2 channel system Lansche 4.1(plasma tweeter) driven by Line Magnetic 508 SET (Amperex 6SL7, 1944 Sylvania vt231 Nos tubes, Psavne Acme 805 and 300B tubes).

    My 2 channel system go deeper to 20Hz with better dynamics and deeper soundstage.

    Also my 2 channel system presents slightly more transparency and details.

    Stax and Carbon sounds more intimate but with more realistic focus while the soundstage width are comparable.

    With no eq, Stax and Carbon sounds very dynamic and no weakness of bass except sub 30Hz bass of organ.

    It has a round texture with nuanced details neither hot or bright.

    It is very musical and enjoyable.

    I had done some experiment on equalization with Lyngdorf 2170.

    With gradual eq of 2db up at 7khz and 3 db at 15khz, Stax and Carbon sounds more open and transparent.

    I had paid 60K$ for my speaker and SET amplifier including the cost of tube rolling.

    Stax009S and Carbon costs me 6500$ used ( Stax009S were 4 months old and Carbon amp is less than one month old, they looks like new one 9-10 condition).

    I prefer my 2 channel system to Stax009S and Carbon on overall dynamics and more 3 D holographic soundstage.

    But Stax009S and Carbon sounds so musical and nuanced with decent dynamics that I can enjoy music with windows open during summer time not to disturb my neighbors.

    If I had got KGSSHV Carbon Ground Grid amplifier, there would be more room to tune the sound through tube rolling, but I am happy as is.

    I expect to spend 60/40 time between my 2 channel and headphone system.

    Thus after equalization using Lyngdorf 2170, Stax009S and KGSSHV Carbon headphone system perfectly fit my needs.

    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  6. thomaskong78
    Although I had enjoyed the sound from Stax 009S and Carbon amplifier with Dave and Mscaler for five days,
    it is much better to use Empire Zeus IEM during hot summer days.

    I am listening to "Come Away with me" by Norah Jones.

    It reached 80 degree yesterday in Pacific Northwest, maybe not so bad compared with other parts of US.

    Stax 009S driven by Carbon amp sounds natural with deeper bass than Empire Zeus IEM.

    But Empire Zeus IEM sounds lively going well with Pop music.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  7. thomaskong78
    My wife is the youngest of my mom in law who is 88 years old.

    Recently my wife is staying with her mom to take care expecting her mom can live just one more year or so.

    Thus I am having happy life playing music loud even during midnight.

    My house is seated on 2 acre lot so that my neighbors does not get bothered unless windows open wide.

    My wife dropped at home yesterday ( She drop once a week to clean the messy kitchen while she is away. She is an angel Ha ha).

    She happened to see my new headphone of Stax 009S headphone and asked its price.

    I could tell her the real value ( new price 4,300$ and I got 4 months used one for 3,200$).

    I did not mean to deceive her but answered it costs me 1,500$ by chance.

    Then she had listened to K-Pop using both Stax 009S headphone driven by Carbon amplifier and Massdrop Empire Zeus IEM( I told her the real value as 1,000$ No lie here Hehe).

    The source was Cocktail Audio X30 music server feeding Chord Dave and Mscaler ( I did not tell her how much Chord Dave and Mscaler cost, if she find out, I may have to buy her diamond necklace)

    On first few songs, she prefer Empire Zeus IEM to Stax 009S headphone on lively sound of the former.

    But after listening few more songs, she expressed that Stax 009S headphone sounds more natural than Empire Zeus IEM .

    Whew if I had told her that I had spent 3200$ on headphone, I may have to go out to buy her something like expensive bag or clothing.

    Reality is I had also spent additional 3300$ on KGSSHV Carbon headphone amplifier.

    How many of you audiophile had lied to your wife or girlfriend about the cost of audio components?

    I guess 98% from my 41 years of audio history.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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  8. QueueCumber
    I could answer this, but she may be watching... :fearful: :eyes:
  9. Whitigir
    Lied about audio gears ? Hahaha. The question should be “how many of you guys wife is into the audio hobby”. Because if she is into it, then she knows and will appreciate the values/price. If she is not, am almost sure every guy just lie! Haaha
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  10. thomaskong78

    Reminds me of the story of the husband who misinformed his partner about the true cost of an audio something. When the husband came home from a business trip, his wife informed him with a big smile on her face, that she sold the audio item on agon for more than he paid for it!

    This is from the quote of someone else but with costly lesson.
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  11. JimL11
    Karma is a b...h! :ksc75smile:
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  12. andre dufour

    :) i tend to follow your actions in that I tell her the single cost of something as advertised. I tend not to tell her about tax, cables, or recurring lifetime costs. for example, tubes can easily average 1000$ a year for a hifi amp + monthly cost of a music service, etc. i think it's like most people when they talk about cars....they don't mention the 60% of depreciation in the first few years + gas + insurance + tires, etc... :)
  13. thomaskong78
    I used to tell her the true value of audio gear since we have separate accounts.

    She knows that my Lansche 4.1 speaker cost me more than 50k$.

    Stax 009S sounds musical even with slightly bright recordings.

    But even with those nice things, I could not tell my wife that it costs more than 3K$, since she has never experienced such headphone before.

    Somehow she has prejudice that all headphone and earphone shall be less than 500$.

    It may be because that I had never used expensive ones before this year.

    She even urged me to return 1k$ Empire Zeus earphone.

    How come earphone can cost ik$?

    That is what she said to me
  14. miko64
    I am also a lucky guy. My wife came w me to Tokyo to buy sr9s and allowed me to buy Wilson Sabrinas, dcs Rossini and Nagra 300i this year: :)
  15. Dan Lee
    Sorry to break topic. Have any of you heard or heard anything about Vincent Audio's SA-32 preamp? I am looking to put a tube preamp into my Carbon and Terminator setup.
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