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STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by padam, Apr 20, 2018.
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  1. HugoFreire Contributor
    Any 009S/T2 impressions so far?
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  2. Hubert481
    Would be interested of a review 009s with T1
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  3. astrostar59
    I am glad you can get them fixed quickly. I had a driver failure on my UK dealer sourced 009s, just 2 months left on the warranty at that time. BUT it resulted in 2 x band new drivers at the latest specs.

    Good to read positives of the new Gold 009. It seems a tad warmer and less treble forward? If so that is in the right direction IMO. My 009 set I had was too forward in that regard, and in the end I bailed. But having heard the 009 out of that insane MalValve amp at Munich hi-end, I now question how much I may have missed on the Carbon. The BHSE IMO is very close to the Carbon, but that Malvalve was very different. Was it accurate? I can not say, but it really made we want to have the 009 again, it sent it over to the LCD4 / Abyss kind of direction, but still, a Stat. Facinating. The Malvalve got very hot, and ran 22 tubes, and both Stats and Planars. If they did that amp as pure Stat only, with less tubes and heat, it would be a superb solution IMO.

    Oh if only I could have them all (009s, Malvalve, GSX MK2, LCD4 and Abyss) but that is for footballers Ha Ha.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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  4. Contrails
    Also, gotta find the right fit by rotating the cups around a bit.
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  5. astrostar59
    Whitiger will be posting I bet, and I respect his view.
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  6. Trance_Gott

    It is here! :smile_phones:
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  7. Rhamnetin
    Need more impressions
  8. padam
    SR-007A already looks scared hiding behind
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  9. Rhamnetin
    The LCD-4 has cojones
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  10. Trance_Gott
    SR009s has definitely warmer tone then 009.
    More bass, less bass then 009?
    Definitely not less I have the feeling it hits harder in the midbass area on the metal songs I know very good on the 009. But marginally.
    LCD4 and 007 bass port modded are fuller sounding.
    009s is not a complete other headphone then 009. Stax tuned it especially in the mids and I have the feeling it is even cleaner sounding. Good job Stax!
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
  11. mulveling Contributor
    That Carbon looks great with the black faceplate. Nice collection!!
    Good 009S impressions - I agree, it's a nicely tuned 009!
  12. Trance_Gott
    I have also the feeling the 009s is cleaner sounding can you confirm?
  13. Contrails
  14. mulveling Contributor
    Maybe slightly cleaner - but I'm not sure I'd decouple this attribute too much from the 009S's more natural midrange, which is easily the most significant audible difference. I still really like (and have always liked) the original 009.

    Certainly not the famous builder who's obsessed with minification, lol. It is indeed a very big and heavy case! My Carbon was in that same case, as is Purk's Carbon - but with silver faceplates. These 2 were built in the original run of DIY builds, when the Carbon design was brand new a couple years ago. As big as that case is, it's not tall enough to mount 4 of the big caps vertically without cutout holes.

    Some people still say these amps sound more tube-like and/or were made for the 009, but I don't find this to be the case. It doesn't sound tube-like at all to my ears, but it is an excellent SS amp. And it's a much better match for the 009S than 009.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
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  15. astrostar59
    @Trance_Gott nice photo! I am at my folks this summer and missing my LCD4s Boo Hoo. You prefer the 009s to your LCD4s? The LCD4s need a lot of juice. I use Roon with the built in EQ fix, sounds great.
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