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Sound quality (especially bass) of Senn HD428 vs Superlux HD681?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by zeische, Jun 25, 2011.
  1. Zeische
    I've had my Sennheiser HD428's for a while and I think the SQ on them is pretty good, I modded them for more bass and they sound pretty damn good to me. I listen to mostly dubstep, DnB, and rap, some alternative, pretty much a little of everything. Just yesterday I ordered a pair of Superlux HD681's. To the people who have experience with both of these headphones, how much of an improvement in the sound quality am I going to hear, especially the bass (quality and quantity)? I'm listening through an iPod touch 4th gen (no LOD or amp, YET!). 
  2. MalVeauX


    I had the HD428's for a while too, they did have pretty decent sound quality. I was using them as portable headphones for closed-back while I drive, walk, etc. I found the bass to be acceptable for electronic music (was playing some Justice, Deadmau5, etc). I ultimately sent them back to Amazon for a refund because I just didn't find them comfortable and the phones don't swivel, so kind of annoying to keep around your neck when not listening (like talking to someone). Unfortunately I have not heard the Superlux HD681's, so I cannot comment on them. However, have you considered the HD438's? They have cloth pads (more comfortable) and quite a bit more bass than the HD428 & HD448. My only beef with them is the headphone cap (looks like a spinner rim, lol).
    Considered the Shure 440's or AudioTechnica M50's?
    Have a budget?
    Very best,
  3. Zeische
    I've read a lot about the M50s but unfortunately my budget is very low; I can't spend more than $100, and I'm generally limited to less than that. The M50s are very nice, I love how they look and have heard nothing but good things about them. The 438s are somewhat unappealing to me due to the supraaural design (if I'm not mistaken), I much prefer circumaural. I haven't read up on the Shure 440s at all. I would really appreciate feedback from someone who has listened to both the 428s and the SL HD681s (I'm not saying your comment wasn't useful, MalVeauX, it was) since I already ordered the HD681s. 
  4. Koolpep
    You will be pleasantly surprised with the Soundquality of the Superlux HD681.
    My only comparison are Sennheiser HD598 and Ultrasone Pro750 and while both of them are better than the Superlux, the Superlux are quite a contender for the price. They don't give up without a fight. The highs are clearer and more defined with both the more expensive headphones.
    I am now using only Superlux headphones in the office. They are that good. I usually have to remove them quite often. However from a comfort angle, well, you will feel that they are on the cheaper side. Something's gotta give. But sturdy they are (so far).
    By the way, which version of the HD681 did you order, there are HD681, HD681F, HD681B?
    From the Superlux PDF:
    The HD681 features an xceptionally deep low frequency, the HD681F has a flat extended frequency response, and the HD681B has an excellent balanced character, and powerful bass punch. As for the sound image presented by these headphones, the HD681 gives you the feeling of actually being on stage with the artists while the HD681F makes you feel as if you sitting on the front row and the HD681B puts you in the middle of the concert hall, enjoying a deep, rich sound.
  5. Zeische
    I believe I ordered the regular HD461, which is great because it's the one I wanted considering the extra bass response (yeah, I'm a bit of a basshead :p). I've heard a lot about the 681s, so I think they'll be great for my budget and musical needs. I wanted to get the 668B at first, but I couldn't find anyone selling it.
  6. Koolpep
    Just listened to the 668B for 2 hours during work and to the 681B after work. You will be happy with your purchase. I cannot stop grinning while listening to these Superluxes, they sound so good for the money. 
    Your regular 681 is the bass-heavy one, which is exactly what you wanted... You will be impressed for sure. Please report back once you have them...
  7. Zeische
    Sounds like I'm gonna have a great time with the 681s. Now, they just need to be shipped out to me. I guess that's what I get for ordering on a Friday, haha. 

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