1. edgeworth

    $150 headphones as comfortable as HD600

    I wonder if any of you have suggestions for a reasonably priced set of headphones that are comparable in comfort albeit perhaps a little worse in sound than the Senn HD600?   At work I've used first a Grado 60 which is now kaput and then some Sennheiser HD 438s.  I don't expect my work phones...
  2. TrantaLocked

    HD 438 sound and burn-in

    These HD 438s don't sound bad, that's for sure. They are clearer and have a more expansive and accurate sound stage than my HD 201s. The only problem is I bought them for increased bass over my HD 201s, and in that regard I feel disappointed.    According to this...
  3. mouba3

    Need Help & Opinion ( of Owners & Users ) of the Sennheiser HD428 - HD438 and HD448 ..... Thanks in advance

    sup fellas, i want your professional help and opinion cause I’m a newbie to the headphones world I want to get a sennheiser headphone but don't know if i should go for the HD 428 or 438 or 448 ( now i have the skull candy hesh NBA)  I have read a lot of helpful review and analysis here, I need...
  4. Arthass

    Headphones with the same comfort as Sennheiser HD438

    Hi I bought recently Sennheiser HD438. Although comfort factor is superb I expect little different sound signature. First off I don't like little veiled and laid back highs and overall "shy" presentation. I guess I don't like Sennheiser sound style (didn't like PX100 too). Is there any...
  5. jack867

    Anyone can give me an overviews of...(Sennheisers HD438 & HD 448)

     does anyone have sennheisers HD438 and HD 448 that can give me overview? Also anyone ever bought from Im thinking of buying  but not sure if i should.
  6. SabreFury

    Is the Sennheiser HD 205 louder than the HD 438?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and to the world of headphones in general so I'm sorry if I may seem a bit noobish. After browsing the forums and searching various reviews I only found one post that related to my question:   Quote: I initially purchased the HD 205 but then I found...
  7. Montanha

    What do you think about this

    hello everyone   i lime listening to music alot, and i do it for a long time so im looking for buying some headphones, the problem is the longer i look , the more confused i get but after setting my budget and what im looking for here is the list   budget less than 60 dollar  and i...
  8. ht223

    Help me find some headphones.. I have some ideas

    Hi, I guess this is also an intro post as well as a question. I have recently been dipping my toes into higher quality audio by upgrading speakers etc. I would never consider myself an audiophile, but I can tell good from bad and I am very picky. I can't listen to any off-the-shelf...
  9. Sputtid

    Sennheiser HD 4x8 and HD 4x9 - Who knows them better; Sennheiser or Headroom?

     I was looking for a cheap portable headphone I could pick up from an electronics store nearby. I decided on a pair of Senn's HD 428 mainly because I really liked the HD 448's sound, and according to Headroom's frequency response measurements the 428 and 448 are exactly the same, with the HD 438...
  10. CHaqmol

    HD 238-438 or 448?

    Hi everyone Between these three models : Senn HD 238 - 438 - 448 which one is a better choice for me since i mostly listen to jazz-jazz fusin-60-70's rock-classical and world (also,do i need an amp?) thanks
  11. Draconifire

    Confused b/w these........

    hi there audiophiles! its my first Forum post here...i have searched your forums many a times for my IEM's I have a querry...since i am seeking a new pair of Cans under 4K (Indian Rupee) that is to say $80 USD..... I stumbled upon These..               1.Sennheiser HD438              ...
  12. Gekko12482

    HD428 vs HD438 vs HD448

    Hello Head-fi, just joined and immediatly a question, but well, that's what new members are for :)   I was looking for some new headphones, to be used in the bus on my way to school and for the breaks in school. This is the Netherlands by the way, so it's not  a schoolbus but just a bus as...
  13. ambientorange

    Sony mdr xb 500 amateur review

    First of all i have to say this website is quite attractive to check out whats important/fun/interesing about headphones and probably not only that...   Thats how i came to know i want a new pair of cans for myself.Ive been reading quite some reviews and bought myself a pair of xb500. No...
  14. ursdiego

    We ALL like such threads: HELP! ~200$ choice 4 head-fi newbie, hi-fi oldie, wanting *involving* music!

    Hello everybody!   I was searching around about 5 hours and read dozens of threads like this one... but while reading, instead of getting clearer, the picture got more confusing. So I decided to open "my" own thread.   Short version: I want a revealing, direct, resolving, emotions...
  15. sebastianlow

    some questions about sennheiser hd428

    I just bought a sennheiser HD 428 a few days ago, the sound quality is not what I was expecting, I expected more from it. Anyways, here are the questions. 1. If I plug in an amp, for example a fiio e6. Will they produce better sound? 2. I am currently using a HTC desire, so if I plug in a fiio...
  16. Prophet88

    Suggestion/Recommendation for new Headphones

    Hey fellas, i am new to this jargon of headphones (in the learning process). So i am in the market to get some decent cans. My budget is around $50. I did some research though and found these to be the best bang for buck. I don't know how far i am from some quality ones.     Able...
  17. JasonZ10

    If you could pick any 4 headphones that you had to live with for the rest of your life, what would they be?

    Also, try to be realistic in pricing, don't choose only the extremely expensive ones. In no particular order:   Sennheiser HD 598 - Great for just about anything Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii - Portable, beautiful, sounds excellent Ultrasone Pro 2900 or HFI 580 - I <3 bass Grado RS1i -...
  18. ExquisiteZero

    Am I hearing things correctly?

    well, the HD438. I feel that the bass is bleeding into the mids. Bass bleed, not sure what that means. The distortion of the bass is quite disturbing. The overall sound is actually...rough, not smooth, not clean. Actually, my description aren't quite accurate. Hope you get what I mean.
  19. mrlolftw

    Help Identifying a pair of headphones! Please help!     I know that they are Sennheiser HD something. Ive searched everywhere but i cant find them. I remember seeing them a while ago but its like theyve dissapeared from everywhere. Can someone please help...
  20. koolkat

    Is it possible to.... [Sennheiser cable mod]

    Planning to recable my HD438 with other thicker cables from Sennheiser. The problem is the HD438 cable has a funny looking top end that connects to the headphones. So is it possible to get another headphone cable and modify that cable to fit into my HD438s?   And how much would something...
  21. iAmaN00b

    Headphone prices -- $30 vs vs $200+?

    I just want a decent comfortable headphone for watching movies on laptop and listening to music. I'm not an audiophile, so what would be difference between buying a  $30 vs $200+ headphone? I don't understand what could be the difference audio wise and if it's worth getting a headphone more...
  22. someguy_99

    How can I make my headphones fit more snugly? (Sennheiser HD438)

    So I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD438s a few months ago. For the most part I'm quite happy with them, and despite the general disapproval of their appearance, I don't mind it at all. The biggest issue I'm having with them is the fit.   My head is quite narrow. The headphones sit comfortably...
  23. koolkat

    Sennheiser HD4x8 Modification for newbies

    I've noticed a couple of people wanting to buy the HD418/428/438/448 these past few weeks, and after digging through several threads I've come to the conclusion that a lot of HD448 buyers were disappointed with the depressing (lol) amount of bass in their headphones.   So why did I create...
  24. koolkat

    HE300 vs DT770 (headphone upgrade)

    I'm looking for possibilities on a new headphone upgrade, which won't be any time soon since I'm saving up for other things as well. Any one of these will be a huge step up from my current HD438, which I'm actually quite content with..   I listen to songs such as Shadowplay , All These...
  25. akong

    I'm new at this.

    Hey guys. So, I've recently purchased my first pair of headphones, the Sennheiser 438s. They sound great, but I've read a few things about " burning in". What does this mean, and how does it affect the sound? Also, what's a headphone amp? Thanks.