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Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

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  1. Inks
    EX1000 is better than the H3, now that's perfect bass
  2. personal2222
    I still wondering that will it be confortable to wear
  3. lomenhk

    Definitely, the bass sounds deeper and heavier than H3.
  4. lomenhk

    I did not own EX1000, but I had a chance to listen to it when it was issued several years ago. Recalling the memory long time ago, EX1000 sounds brighter than Z5, its tuning is focused more on mids and highs, it is not as bassy as Z5. It did have bass but just a general quantity. Overall the sound stage of EX1000 is wide opened, clean and bright, that's the impression in my memory.
  5. Kunlun
    Did the z5 have the same treble spike the ex1000 had? I didn't find the ex1000 to be problematic, but without that spike, I have a feeling the sound would be less treble and mid centric.
  6. Fizban
    How does the z5 compare to Fitear's 333??
  7. lomenhk

    Z5 definitely does not have that spike as EX1000 has as you describe. It is kind of dark sound. Its treble is not bright, but it has micro details in it, and as you say it is leading towards mid centric and even bassy.
  8. lomenhk

    Sorry, I have never listened to Fitears 333, I am afraid if I try it I would be 'poisoned', but cannot afford such pricing.
  9. Fizban

    I'm waiting for Sony to wow me away from 333 so I can save more than a grand!
  10. Jackson 6
    I'm waiting to see if it beats the ie 800. It's stablemate, the Z7, is the equal of the HD 800 from the first review. It'll take me awhile to tire of my H3's though.
  11. Kunlun
    Yeah, the ie800 will be a good match up with the z5. I'll look forward to finding out which sounds better to my ears.
  12. BlinkST
    From the disappointment I've read about the IE800, it might not be a whole lot to live up to.

    Sennheiser may have a new flagship, though, if we go by the price drop.
  13. TheBoss

    an EX1000 without the "treble spike" is basically an EX800st / MDR 7550
  14. Inks
    wrong, it still has the spike, except the whole treble region is more subdued so it isn't as noticable. 
  15. Jackson 6
    Speedeth the day thereunto, when are you getting 'em?
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