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Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

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  1. TheBoss

    what if Sony tuned their flagship iem's to that of harman-kardon graphs... where the bass gets elevated the deeper you go?
  2. Inks
    I wish, but reports seem to indicate the bass is even heavier than the H3. H3's bass was focused on the midbass, it wasn't subbass focused like it is suggested for fidelity by HK. Of course, maybe more impressions are needed...
  3. Mini0510
    H3 overall is not very transparent. Not really my taste. But I'll still speculate Z5.
  4. Kunlun

    So, more subbass on the z5 than the h3?
  5. Kunlun

    I'll wait until they are available in the U.S. That'll give time for more impressions from HK.
  6. TheBoss

    last time i checked sonove & personalaudio,ru graphs the XBA H3 looks flat-ish in the bass regions.
  7. Inks
    no, the EX1000 has flat bass, the H3 does not. H3 does fix the treble as it's smoother and more extended, but the H3 is also reported to have audible distortion in the midrange, graph for that can be found on seeko.co.kr
    H3 on the left, EX600 on the right [green lines for both as the blue lines are EQed]
     [EX1000 has a almost identical FR to EX600, just has a flatter response below 100hz and bump everything past 2k by about 3db]
    f62e1588502e7c77b7aacc715c06402a.png 9ac3a4a0b5cddded4e024f55f58fc5e7.png
  8. Jackson 6
    I'd say the  H3 has standout treble, excellent bass and if it lacks a little in the mid's, it's fully the equal of the ie 800 in everything else.It's the best in it's price range as well, with a full and luscious SQ. I can forgive it's mids, for they are there.
  9. joey99
  10. M-13
    The H3 is very nice for the price being offered (very very nice) but the IE800 is noticeably better than the H3 with stock tips. And honestly I don't expect them to compete as they're in completely different price categories.
    If the Z5 is the equal of the IE800 or even superior in some ways that would be very nice indeed.
  11. Jackson 6
     I'm not denying the ie 800 is superior, but if the H3 had it's mids......
  12. omastic
    Agreed. H3 has the best treble response of any iem I have heard, be it universal or ciem demo units.  Incredibly natural and full of micro details, yet superbly smooth and crisp. 
    Many people are not that impressed with the H3 simply because of its tonal balance, which I agree somewhat deviates from true neutrality. I personally love how refined it sounds even after possessing so much warmth and bass.
    From initial reports though, the Z5 seems to be even bassier and warmer........
  13. Kunlun
    Any other impressions from people who have heard it (and gotten a good fit)?
  14. quluman
    $699 seems like a fair price for flagship IEMs
  15. M-13
    Depending on the performance it could be a huge bargain or "overpriced." I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

    Sorry I didn't mean to be rude. I was just sharing my own impressions. I do love the H3 quite a bit and came close to walking out of the store with them many times after audtioning them.
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