1. yanfeng

    Sony XBA-Z5 + Hifiman HM-901 + Balanced Card + 3.5mm four ring plug > 3.5mm three ring jack converter = BLISS!

    I am recently in love with Sony XBA-Z5. I really like its high definition, transparent and lively sound. I also experienced PHA-3 amp in Sony store many times, and I do find Z5 truely shines in balanced mode. But I have to give up PHA-3 because it's way too clumsy. It so happens that I have a...
  2. TheBoss

    Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5 Looks like Z5 is the successor to the XBA H3 with improvements to the dynamic and BA drivers I wonder if XBA Z5 will be a new model above XBA H3 or a replacement to H3...   ... and imo the Z5...
  3. Sony XBA-Z5 Ultimate Hi-Res In Ear Headphone

    Sony XBA-Z5 Ultimate Hi-Res In Ear Headphone

    A direct result of the relentless pursuit for personal audio excellence, XBA-Z5 Hi-Res, in-ear headphones deliver exceptional, spacious, and natural sound: deep bass, radiant mids, and notable vocal clarity. Exotic dynamic driver technology paired with cutting-edge Linear Drive Balanced...