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Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

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  1. Spadge
    Thanks for the impressions guys!

    They both sound really promising. I have a pair of H3's on the way to 'test out' the Sony sound...it sounds like it could be good for my tastes and will hopefully tide me over while I save up for a pair of either of these!
  2. vlenbo
    The A3's are speaking my language.
  3. qsk78
    Thank you! What about noise isolation on A3 and Z5? Any improvements have been made vs H3 with their ventilation holes? 
  4. joey99
    how are vocals especially female vocals on the Z5 compared to the H3? .. are they forward, just right or recessed?
  5. lomenhk
    I think the isolation is just the same as H3. At Sony Store I was in a noisy environment and I had to turn up the volume to 60% of my ZX1 to drive the Z5 to produce enough volume to listen. That's the similar experience I got when I test on the H3.
    qsk78 likes this.
  6. lomenhk
    vocals are a bit forward than H3 in my memory, quiet standout, but just a bit. the most that Z5 caught my ears is the bass, quantity is a lot and punch really hard, far harder than H3.
  7. joey99
    sounds amazing .. hope to try it end of year when I travel to hk ... and hopefully the price would go down a bit.
  8. lomenhk
    Forgot to mention one thing, found the housing of Z5 is a bit thinner than H3. When wearing them on my ears I felt the difference, not bulky as H3.
  9. mochill
    It is said to be slimmer :sweat_smile:
  10. Mini0510
    so is Z5 warmer than H3? I just feel that H3's bass doesn't have as much body as I wanted.
  11. gerelmx1986
    H3 do have bass impact IMO, i am listening to some Handel misc. pieces for the Harpsichord and the bass register of the instrument reaches freaking low and i feel it indeed
    (there is a box of 10-CD now discontinued of handel's complete Harpsichord works with Eberhard Kraus. i'm drooling over those discs damn but no FLAC)
  12. Mini0510
    it's the body of the bass impact sounds a bit thinner than I like. I think the reason is that it's not as warm as some of the other bass heavy IEMs
  13. MuZo2
    Compared to EX1000 ? is it similar sound signature?
  14. Inks
    H3s have too much bass, if Z5 and A3 have more that sucks :/
  15. gerelmx1986
    I agree with you, then we shall keep our H3's for me the bass is fine (the H3 bass) for classical music listening with an fiio x3 seems superb, some times i feel is bassy, depends of the instrument and recording, those Harpsichord Suites by Handel (played by Ottavio Dantone on label Arts) gosh the bass of the cembalo (perhaps a french Harpsichord) is thumpy rich low extension ooohhh i can fell my ears tickling when those notes are played and suatained...
    Bach cantatas sound perfectly well too, those with varied instruments i can hear the separations and it amazes me, wow, trumpets, separated from oboes, separared from the singers/choir
    I will try sooner or later The magnificent spem in alium by Tallis, lets see how the H3 behave with this masterpiece of massivepolyphony the verson with 40 singers yep 40
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