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Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

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  1. dweaver
    I think he means warm-ish neutral sound and fast transient bass.

    Sounds like the DJE1500 in my experience btw :wink:.
  2. lomenhk
    Sony China official site has accidentally exposed the price of XBA-Z5:
    RMB 3,999 = US$ 650 approx.
    In Hong Kong, there will be an activity held by Sony HK and a local AV forum site on coming Thursday (Sep 18th) for these new Hi-Res series launch. I believe there will be a primary review of XBA-Z5 by then.
  3. 7cents
    Looks like Sony is seriously trying to kick ass with these new products. It's interesting that Z5 is made in Japan since almost its other new iem was not.
  4. mochill
    They definitely will be kicking alot of azz:smiley:
  5. Marco Angel
    Way cool, hope to have one of this in the future, the price will be against the odds but let see how they perform out there
  6. Kunlun
    I'm looking forward to these. I hope they adjust the sound of the xba-h3, balancing it and adding clarity. We'll see! They seem to get that the housing needed to become more streamlined. Hopefully the bass will be tighter as well.
  7. dweaver
  8. fnkcow
    Damn that big-a** housing! [​IMG]
  9. mochill
    It's supposedly smaller then the h3 and housing made of magnesium :smiley:
  10. vlenbo

    Supposedly. I doubt it.

    The a3 should be the smaller version of the h3.
  11. mochill
    That's what I seems like from the Pictures, but definitely I very interested in these , I was contemplating on getting the h3 soon but Sony has made me very happy on releasing a flagship model finally :grin:
  12. vlenbo
    I hope you'll enjoy them then. This flagship has me both interested and conflicted with its pricing.
    The H3 is very good for $250. VERY GOOD. Compared to their older xba sschittt series. I truly hope that this z5 changes everything. I'm sticking with the a3 for now.
  13. mochill
    I wouldn't be buying it when it releases but later on when price goes down, I'm saving money for something else (vsd7) :sweat_smile:
  14. violencer

    taken from here http://personalaudio.ru/detail/ifa2014/
  15. Kunlun
    So, are we thinking that the sony will release these in HK at the end of this week and elsewhere after that?
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