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Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

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  1. lomenhk
    Sony just announced in HK today, details as follows:
    XBA-Z5  HK$5,080.....more expensive than the headphone Z7  [​IMG]
  2. vlenbo
    So the A3 and Z5 have similar drivers.
    A3 it is. Another $350 offering. I should sell the H3s while I have the chance.
  3. Kunlun

    I believe the z5 will have an aluminum coated liquid polymer driver will the a3 won't have the aluminum coating on its driver. That's just from reading Sony's info, though, so I can't say for sure.
  4. mochill
    Don't sell ,keep both and sell the one you don't like :wink:
  5. vlenbo

    Good point, but another $350 down the drain will hurt me. Especially now that the sony xba-h3 is supposedly declining in price.
  6. vlenbo
    Ok, thank you. I would not consider it $300 better for an aluminim coating, so I am purchasing the a3.
  7. Kunlun
    I'm not telling you what to buy!

    But yes, dynamic driver is different, high-range armature is magnesium coated, cables different, housing is apparently different as well on the z5. We don't know about the tuning but it may be different, too.
  8. vlenbo
    Whoops, poor choice of words, haha. 
    It probably is a different tuning, just like the way the audio technica ckr9 and 10s worked.
    Anyway, I meant thank you for clarifying the differences. It's too bad that it is not enough for me to purchase them. And this is mostly spoken at sony. I'm still miffed that they would charge an absurd price for a different coating, driver, and housing for an additional $300 that MAY only have a marginal difference.
  9. BlinkST
    It may not be marginal... Who knows. If it's 1Plus2 or TOGO 334 level, it's worth it. 
  10. vlenbo
    That I understand, it also may not be.
    I actually do not want it to be marginal. Everyone would want that. I have been heavily disappointed with the xba series as a whole. The only good one imo is the H3. I sure hope this z5 does splendid.
  11. MuZo2

    They are actually doing R&D and have come up with different drivers both dynamic and BA and might be real upgrade from previous versions in terms of sound quality. Some IEM and CIEM are using same BA drivers and charge more than $1200.
  12. vlenbo
    Good point. I do have high hopes for this. I will not set my expectations high this time. Maybe I'll enjoy them when I can afford them.
  13. violencer

    80% of TOGO 334 level, I hope [​IMG]
    Z7 is flat and neutral, Z5 should be the same.
    I think A3 is the same as H3 in sound, similar as UE900 - UE900s, Westone 4R - W4 - W40, etc.
  14. Jackson 6
    It took a couple of light years for 'pro' reviewers to scan the H3, so long in fact that I threw my sophomore hat in the ring, just hope their on the ball a shed load quicker with the H5, esp on youtube. And to the un boxing crew, please please give a view as well.
  15. dweaver
    Am I missing something, what is the A3?
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