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Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

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  1. Tr1ppy

    Thanks romeyp. I'll keep my itchy trigger fingers from hitting that Buy button lol!!

    Yeah I imagine the A1 and A2 will be a lot more refined than the H1 and H2, judging by how people are comparing the new Z5 to the H3. But then I dont think we've had many comparisons between the A3 and H3 have we?

    Anyway I'll most likely hold out for the A2 as that adds another driver to its previous counterpart to give the same 1dd, 2ba config as the H3/A3 (of course the tuning, and hence sound may be different). Should be interesting :)
  2. HiFiGuy528
    So mad...  Mine is delayed for another week.  Z5, Z7 and MDR-1A coming.
  3. wateryakcat

    You are very lucky to have all three!
    Will You get A series as well+xba100?
  4. Boffy
    Mike, according to Sony Korea there is a high quality cable, a balanced cable, and a bluetooth cable available for separate purchase for both Z5 and A3. So the balanced cable does not come with the Z5. Haven't heard of any of the new Sony products yet, despite there being a Sony store right across the street from my house lol.
  5. Idsynchrono_24
  6. violencer
    It comes. Here is the unboxing http://bbs.imp3.net/thread-11185441-1-1.html
  7. xedjflowx
    we need an ie800 comparison
  8. Boffy
    It is Sunday here in Korea gotta take a visit tomorrow!!
    Oh nevermind, I guess Sony Korea is a little bit different from other regions then? Because it clearly says next to the balanced cable "Available for Separate Purchase." 
  9. musicdragoon
    There is stock balanced cable packed in the box, but it used the same flat noodle like cable just like the normal cables come with all XBA series. The extra cable you can purchase is thicker, partially meshed and without the silicon ear hanger, I had also auditioned Z5 with this extra cable connected to PHA 3, this combination makes Z5 switch to a more monitor like character compared to the more beat immersive character with stock unbalanced cable. :)
  10. xedjflowx
    So, is there a concensus on bass extension, overall soundstage and clarity?
  11. IEMman
    Does anyone know how this compares against the new JVC fx850?
  12. richbass

  13. gurus

    More specifically the fit and ease of wearing. I have small ear canals.
  14. Kunlun

    Are these a purchase and, if so, where are you gettting them in the states?
  15. getclikinagas
    The bluetooth aptX cable is interesting. I hope this catches on. Compatible with all the xba detachable models (XBA-Z5/A3/A2/H3/H2)
    Spec: http://www.sony.jp/headphone/products/MUC-M1BT1/spec.html
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