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Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

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  1. Kunlun
    Huh, that's some super mixed impressions, from no good to super duper the bestest (with isolation from a vented iem claimed to be superior to any known iem. I mean, an anechoic chamber?).

    Well, I'm definitely interested in hearing these.
  2. TMRaven
    Fixed that link for you.
  3. mochill
  4. audionewbi
    how much ahead of k3003 is it in your opinion?
  5. BlinkST
    He could definitely be talking from a bang-for-buck standpoint, considering the ~$600 difference between the two. 
  6. warrior1975
    I'm ordering it from Amazon when it's available. Safe, if I don't like I can return it. Hopefully I won't like it!!
  7. Kunlun

    Almost certainly not. His posts don't read like someone who is qualifying their statements. Hopefully, he'll be back with more to add since it seems he has had the longest time with them so far.
  8. Kunlun

    Do we know when it'll be available?
  9. warrior1975
    Amazon says 3-6 weeks, not sure how accurate that is though.
  10. Kunlun
    it's not [​IMG]
  11. warrior1975
    Lol... figured as much.
  12. w1ntersold1er
    Keepin my eye on this thread but I bet people gonna be floored with them once units start comin. [​IMG]
  13. Kunlun
    Warren just confirmed it was at RMAF so it may be available soon. He also liked it, see the RMAF impressions thread.
  14. BlinkST

    For people who don't want to go searching through 11 pages.
    Fizban likes this.
  15. HiFiGuy528
    K3003 was my previous KING.  Now Z5...

    Sony could charge $1499 for Z5.  It's that GREAT!
    Sony online is now sold out showing backorder.
    warrior1975 likes this.
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