Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Kcharng, Nov 4, 2016.
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  1. buzzlulu
    What an amazing video.

    After seeing the amount of labor, detail and care going into producing each pair of Z1R's I have no problem understanding why they cost what they do. Absolutely superb!
  2. pietcux
    You know, for SONY this is better. They can sell this can silently without any trouble to people who understand why this headphone and the also great Z7 are made like they are.
    I myself use it nearly every day and have a smile on my face because of how it sounds and how the bass feels.

    Did I mention that I love the SONY MDR-Z1R more than any other headphone that I own or had?
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  3. up late
    threads can go quiet and become active again some time later. i wouldn't read too much into it.
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  4. Slim1970
    I'm still enjoying my Sony Z1R's. I had a friend come over and try out my TH-900's, HE1K's, LCD-XC's and my Z1R's. The Z1R's stayed on her head for 3 hours. She could not believe the instrument detail she was hearing and the way they were imaging. I had to explain to her what she was hearing because she's never heard a headphone resolve like the Z1R's. She commented on things like I can hear strings being plucked, and the decay of the cymbals. I just smiled.....
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  5. Fifty five
    Z1R is my daily headphone. :)
  6. vr1
    + 1 They sounded unique on their own.
  7. PCheung
    Thanks a lot for sharing that video.

    Proud to be a MDR-Z1R owner, not just the sound signature we love
    also the craftsmanship you can't find on other headphones nowadays, like ATH-M50x
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  8. banco-sg
    But... but, M50X sounds better than Z1R
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  9. Fifty five
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  10. pietcux
    Both, the Z1R and the Z7 never made it to IF's WOF. Good thing, they cannot be removed now and forevermore. I'd rather be happy to stay off this wall, seems like an ungood place to be.
  11. Lemieux66
    Thanks for posting. Great to see how the Z1R is assembled. I love these headphones!
  12. up late
    they can't be removed if they were never on there in the first place. :wink: the wof isn't meant to be static anyway. back on topic - what are you enjoying listening to on your z1r's currently?
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  13. ervin192
    Things may get worse if let MDR-7506 and CD900ST into this battle:smirk:
  14. pietcux
  15. ervin192
    What I am doing now - comparing with the 'standard', experimenting the solder/connector combination trying to get a best sound balance after replace the plug with a 4-pin XLR. Currently the stock cable is still my choice, though not good enough.

    The amp is a RE LEAF E3, from this small workshop RE LEAF that is founded by former Sony engineers. It occupies a 'Current Drive' mode in which the amp carefully controls the current but not the voltage hoping to gain better control of the driver unit.
    The result is good for Z1R, less excess bass and significantly less noise in the treble, making it smooth and pure. Whilst the sound from CD900ST feels just 'standard', Z1R indeed has more upper highs and mid bass however also extends way further. So just need a little time to get accustomed to it.

    Also want to say this can is truly source-sensitive. I've actually connected this amp directly to my PC but not my Luxman player because the PC really sounds better:frowning2:. Hate to admit but under my hifi setup the Z1R just seems to lack some treble, and turning the volume out loud only make it harsher. But under the PC the treble has enough energy under an even lower volume. This difference is far less obvious with CD900ST, or even the HD800. So pay more attention to the sound balance of the Z1R - if it's well-driven, you will get a full sound just under a moderate volume.
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