Sony Z1R....listening impressions only
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I only listen to music never movies. Part of my choice is that I generally prefer iem’s to full size headphones but I just generally prefer the IER sound. I must admit I rarely analyze my gear or break it down, I just see if it gives me enjoyment when listening.

This! :beerchug:
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Actually, does anyone know like for a fact if the bass just isn't as present with using just DAP's? I use my sony's with a nw-zx507. I was thinking about upgrading my DAP but I might have to go in a different dirrection.

So would using a desktop amp make a difference in the bass deepness/how hard it hits?
hi there i have both 507 and m2, and paired with mdrz1r. m2 does improve sonically, at least for me, when listening to female vocals and jazz music, quite a bit; as for amp pairing with 507 is a bit tricky; paired with a lehmannaudio rhinelander, made the sound more spacious but also "thinner", if that make sence; personally i dont like the combo, but depending on what amp you pair the 507 with, and what aspect of sonic improvement youre after, your experience may vary...
as for bass improvement, with the rhinelander, it did hit harder, but the "body" of the bass also sounded "thinner", in short for me didnt like the synergy...
my suggestion is that if you like the sony house sound, then the m2 would be a good option, but if are after a more drastic sonic change then look elsewhere...
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After not using my MDR-Z1R for over a year I have now passed them on to my youngest son (30 years old) and he absolutely loves them for gaming and movie watching (he hardly ever listens to music). He say they are SO much better both for sound and comfort than any headset at any price he has previously used (he use a table mic).
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Fair, who knows, maybe my wm1a doesn't push the z1r and mv1 to their potential.

Not quite sure, will update when I get an a&k acro ca1000 in the future
Got the acro ca1000, it is on par with my modded wm1a sound wise, I don't think the extra power's doing anything, I think the modded mv1 beats the mdr z1r still :)
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Timbre of everything is better, even the bass.

midbass is stronger than subbass, which I like.

More treble and upper mids but somehow smoother.

Staging and imaging is better, mainly due to the open back design.

More pinpoint and a tad more detailed.
If the MV1 sounds similar to the Z1R is still amazing considering the price difference between the two. Looking forward to hear them both at CanJam London.
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What is everyone using for a carrying case? I am looking for the smallest one that I can use. Thanks!
I use one of the Geekria cases. Nothing fancy, but compact enough and fits in my backpack. That way I know it's perfectly safe.
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What is everyone using for a carrying case? I am looking for the smallest one that I can use. Thanks!
I use this. Only drawback is that you have to remove the cable and place it in the middle

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As my son has now decided that he want to keep and buy my Z1R I have the Slappa transport case, the Lavri Grand 4.4mm balanced cable and the ddHiFi 4.4 to 4-pin xlr spare and want to sell it if anybody is interested. It has cost me over $800 including vat and shipping and I would like to get at least $450 incl. uninsured shipping to most anywhere in the world.

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