1. M

    A good iem or a pair of them under $2000?

    Hello, first of all I’m new to this hobby but I have done a lot of research for the past few month but didn’t really bought something yet so no real life experience. I need help on what to choose to maximize the value I can get at around $2000 USD, I want a TOTL iem or a set of them that are...
  2. MusicTeck

    Latest In Stock at Musicteck – New Flagship From Nostalgia Audio, Brise Audio Silver Concept, BESP Z1R Exclusive & Diva Back in Stock!!!

    New Arrivals 🤩👇 Nostalgia Audio TESSERACT–The 16 Drivers Beast! Worldwide exclusive for only 150 units! The Nolstagia Audio Tesseract boasts 10 Balanced Armature drivers and 6 of Sonion's latest Electrostatic drivers. Not only is the shell designed with care, but the internal modular...
  3. ZzBOG

    Stellia vs ZMF VC vs Sony MDR Z1R vs ...?

    I am looking for a closed back headphone to go with my HD800s which I love, but can't use sometimes when it's too loud in the office. I have Z7M2 and while they are very comfortable and alright-sounding, I need more soundstage. Also Z7M2 suffer from a weird bug - they hiss (I am using Topping...
  4. lowtwo

    New to hifi help. Paw Gold 2017 + LE LX vs IER-Z1R & NW-WM1A?

    I just got into high end audio stuff. I bought a 2017 paw gold because I thought it looked cool (reminded me of my old diamond rio) + it seems to get great reviews. Also got a mest mkii to go with it. but when I received the mest it felt pretty underwhelming. it was very clear but not what i was...
  5. galileaux

    Tube Amp and MDR-Z1R

    Hi all, New to the forum, but have been into audio for some time (though only made more significant investment into it recently). I’ve been wanting to experience a more “tubey” sound, and wanted to get some opinions on whether I even have the right headphones to go into that. I own a pair of...
  6. zcreto

    Klipsch Hp 3 ~ ether c flows or z1r

    Need help for my longterm to end game closed back portable headphones. i have a simple gear which consists of Fiio m11 topping nx3s amp . may upgrade gear gradually ( xduoo 05 plus . m15 waiting for discount or opportunities) but wanted to start off with Headphones. Headphones in my...
  7. Gmag21

    Amp/DAC for office

    Hi all, I recently purchased a pair of Sony Z1R headphones and I’m planning to use them exclusively on my desktop PC at work (streaming hifi music from tidal). I’m thinking about pairing my new headphones with a DAC/amp device but not sure what’s best or recommended for my use case. I don’t...
  8. danielgregori

    What's the best amplifier for Sony MDR Z1R?

    Hello, friends! I'm looking for the best amplifier for my mdr z1r headphones, now I listen to music with oppo ha2 se, but I feel that I would like a little better sound. I am looking for a desktop amplifier, not portable. While leaning towards the Sony brand amplifier ta-zh1es, I liked it...
  9. E

    Any one did a comparison of Sony Z1R vs Foster TH-900 MK2?

    I guess I need to post my first thread here. So here it is. Don't know what to choose, Z1R or TH900 MK2. so i'm looking for suggestions. Thanks.
  10. PointyFox

    Sennheiser HD800S vs. Sony MDR-Z1R

    I just compared the HD800S with the MDR-Z1R and thought I'd put my impressions here. Soundstage: Nearly a tie. The HD800S has slightly more separation and width. The Z1R has slightly more height. The Z1R's soundstage is exceptional for being a closed-backed headphone. Transparency: The HD800S...
  11. B

    Seeking advice for closed-back headphones

    Hello everyone! I'm fairly new to head-fi and am looking for some advice on my next pair of closed-back purchase. I already have an HD 650 and LCD 2 for open back, and now I am trying to decide between the Sony MDR-Z1R or the Fostex TH-900 MK2. I'm open to any and all recommendations. My source...
  12. Sonic Steven

    Atticus, Eikon, MDR-Z1R, or Other? For Office Use - EDM, Rock, Filmscores...

    Hello everyone! New member to Head-Fi but have been a longtime guest benefiting from the plethora of information available here. I’m now at the point where I’m thinking of a (serious to me) purchase, and want to hear input from those that have experience with some TOTL cans that could be used...
  13. Kcharng

    Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

    I was really excited to find this setup at my local Sony store in Thailand. Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk