sony z1r
  1. M

    A good iem or a pair of them under $2000?

    Hello, first of all I’m new to this hobby but I have done a lot of research for the past few month but didn’t really bought something yet so no real life experience. I need help on what to choose to maximize the value I can get at around $2000 USD, I want a TOTL iem or a set of them that are...
  2. donpablo

    Closed Back Headphones with Biggest Soundstage and Great Imaging

    Hello! I am on Head-Fi since quite of time so far however I have never created my own thread. I already have and have listened several HPs, most of them were openback. I am on the journey with find the perfect closed back for me, and probably found one with I can live as a happy audiophile...
  3. J

    Audiophile newbie needs your help

    Hi guys, I am currently using my Sennheiser HD800 with the Sony PHA-3 through single-ended connection (unbalanced). As much as I am happy with my current sound, I know the HD800 has not reach its full potential yet. Therefore I am planning to get a new Amp/DAC and currently looking at either...
  4. Kcharng

    Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

    I was really excited to find this setup at my local Sony store in Thailand. Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk