sony z1r
  1. junnyzhu

    [SOLD] Sony MDR-Z1R headphones

    A pair of Sony MDR-Z1R headphones for sale. It is in mint condition with original box and accessories. Buyer pay shipping and Paypal transaction fee. Only ship to U.S. CONUS.
  2. Benno1988

    SONY MDR-Z1R Closed Headphones

    Another pair for sale! 1100 USD / 1000 Euro and whatever other currencies align with that amount. Comes with its lovely box, the two cables and the headphone. Serial number in low 6000's. Posting from Australia. Postage and paypal fees INCLUDED in that price. Paypal only, most trustworthy...
  3. donpablo

    Closed Back Headphones with Biggest Soundstage and Great Imaging

    Hello! I am on Head-Fi since quite of time so far however I have never created my own thread. I already have and have listened several HPs, most of them were openback. I am on the journey with find the perfect closed back for me, and probably found one with I can live as a happy audiophile...
  4. justsomesonyfan

    -TRADED- FS/T ier z1r for trade, looking for cfa solaris only! good condition!

    -TRADED- (price includes shipping global and paypal fees!) selling/trading my ier z1r, they don't have all the tips and the white z1r box that z1r came in got torn and scuffed a bit, everything else is in terrific condition! trading because the sound is simply not for me. these come with extra...
  5. Rowethren

    MrSpeakers Ether Flow (SOLD)

    Hello, I am looking to amalgamate my headphones so I am selling a few bits and pieces from my collection including the following items: Sony Z1R Removed from sale MrSpeakers Ether Flow Removed from sale Toxic Cables Silver Widow 22v2 Removed from sale All prices shown are excluding...
  6. 480126

    Sennheiser HD800S + Norne Solvine II + Norne Adapter

    Sennheiser in very good condition with OVP! Without Original Pads and XLR Cable! Plus Norne Solvine II silver/Copper 4,4mm Cable (ca. 150 cm) + Norne Etemus Adapter 4,4 to 6,5 + Dekoni Fenestrated Pads! Sennerheiser bought 4/2018 - Warranty till 4/2020! Not selling Sony WM1A and Headphone Stand...
  7. J

    Audiophile newbie needs your help

    Hi guys, I am currently using my Sennheiser HD800 with the Sony PHA-3 through single-ended connection (unbalanced). As much as I am happy with my current sound, I know the HD800 has not reach its full potential yet. Therefore I am planning to get a new Amp/DAC and currently looking at either...
  8. DrummerLeo

    WTB Sony Z1R or ZMF Auteur

    Like the title looking for Z1R or ZMF Auteur in good shape.
  9. sonics

    SOLD: Sony MDR-Z1R [EU]

    SOLD my mint and perfect condition Sony MDR-Z1R. Comes with all accessories, the original case and box. Bought them from Amazon Italy as new in November 2016. Reason for selling: too many headphones and moving to electrostatics. Asking price includes Paypal fee and delivery within EU.
  10. Jussei

    SOLD Sony Z1R - Excellent and Complete (Optional Norne Vanquish)

    Back to considering selling the Z1R. I really like them and they're certainly among the most enjoyable pieces of audio Ive owned. At this time, I just don't have the time to sit down and enjoy them anymore. They are in great condition. I couldn't find any cosmetic issues on the Z1R. The...
  11. canali

    new Sony Z1R mint

    Hi guys: bought this new unopened pair off a headfier who got them for a good deal/promo price voucher with Sony (he actually bought a few pairs) i just opened them last week (were still in the box unopened for 3 weeks) and just had some white noise playing thru them on my headphone stand I...
  12. Kcharng

    Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

    I was really excited to find this setup at my local Sony store in Thailand. Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk