Sony Z1R....listening impressions only

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Kcharng, Nov 4, 2016.
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  1. up late
    i understood your use of the term. i've used it myself to describe earphone and headphone cables that are noisy in that way, as have many other head-fi'ers.
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  2. Maelob
    Agree, people use that term all the time when describing headphone cables.
  3. music_man
    I knew he meant mechanical. Almost any good cable does that. Seriously, you would be better off with the stock cable as it is cylindrical and smooth. The very nature of a braid reduces electronic feedback but increases the potential for mechanical noise. stiff wire which is good and braid has angles so going to catch on clothes etc. I think Axios is the best name brand cable for the z1r. I used Kimber since they began pretty much. enjoyed many of their cables. it is no secret that for $$$ there are perhaps better cables and as humble as Kimber are I am sure they would admit that. not snobs that nothing is better. big reason why I like them. of course their cables are not cheap to many people. some can top $20kusd. when you get into $75kusd+ sometimes there are better cables. of course some cheaper cables are better. get this, now defunct radioshack had once made nice cables for like $35 in the early 80's. a lot depends what jives with you and your equipment regardless of price. I just think Axios is the best you can get premade for this headphone. there is the sony/Kimber barely better than stock I am told. not a good deal at its price. then all that homebrew stuff mostly from china. it could sound good, maybe better than Axios but highly unlikely. there has to be some engineering into a cable. or a coat hanger would be the same. do not even mention the old McIntosh test lol.

    When I was not disabled I could build a better cable than axios in a braid for the same length at less that 1/4 the price. have no choice now and do not mind. even though I am disabled luckily I can buy this stuff. don't feel bad though I am fine actually. just stupid stuff like can't use a soldering iron or hit the caps key often. all good cables are braided as it reduces capacitance and crosstalk. you just do not see it because most have a jacket. no doubt Kimber is rugged though.

    thesource, are you a retail store or an installer? just wondering. it seems Kimber is a favorite with installers even though hard to pull. oh wait I saw, installer. you do a real nice job! I didn't hear of you, long time in business? must be to be doing work like that. I don't want to take pictures but my theater is something else. I do not use it much now just like to stay on the third floor now. my bedroom system satisfies me fine. if you look at old posts you can see what I have up here if you want. I was extremely lucky to get the little speakers I have regardless of cost. a magazine was willing to part with them after the won a lottery on them. in fact I am betting the sony's sound similar. I am not stuck on grado by any means. just waiting for 500 hours.
  4. music_man
    anyone that ordered off kimberkable site direct please tell me: it seems that the cu which is all they offer on the site will be delivered as an 8 wire configuration and not a 16 wire configuration. please, if you ordered one and you received a 16 wire cable let me know here. no need to pm me. it is not mentioned but they are offering both 8 and 16 wire braids in each of the three metal combinations. I got the 16 wire ag balanced with two 3 pin xlrs. I was just wondering if anyone ordered from the Kimber cable site cu how many wires they received? notice, I say "wires" not conductors. what you can see. I am just thinking this for people because with only 8 the sony/Kimber still will not be as good but at that point a much better deal. just trying to help people. why pay $500+ more for slightly better. I am not sure though, they may be sending out the 16 in which case it is vastly better. if you are looking at 8 braid I would probably suggest the hb then. of course the sound is your preference. just not sure what they are shipping off of the site.

    another reason not to buy other aftermarket cables, only Kimber "locks". this is important because they pull out very easily. if they are shipping the 8 braid cu shortest at $698 I do not think it is a good deal with the sony/Kimber around. it is still probably not quite as good but the gap would be closing then for a lot more money. although I also think the sony/Kimber is not a good deal but it becomes better looking when compared to the 8 braid Kimber I imagine. I am just speculating as I have not heard them but unless there is some voodoo it is not hard to guess. the sony/Kimber is the same cable and quite frankly better connectors than any of the Kimber which all use the same wood connector. looks nice but not as good. although get into any of the 16 braid I would not be too worried about the connector. the 8 braid has a pretty crummy connector which is what they show so I am wondering. if you ordered off their site and not on the phone with them, what did you receive?

    thecableco sells 8 and 16 braid in each of the three metal formulations as does Kimber but one must call them.

    Edit: I think we are making a much better cable perhaps. Just because I have this stuff as done before. I would never go purchase this stuff for this. 1 side of Crystal cable Ultimate Dream speaker cable 2.0M. Reterminated from spades to the headphone connectors from Furutech Cryo treated. Furutech Carbon series 3 pin XLR times 2. One on each side. No "Y" here. Goes straight through one on each side. True there are only going to be 2 wire bundles per channel vs 16 but this is much higher end stuff. As I said I would not go out and buy this for this application. At 1/2 the set plus the connectors this is like $30,000 of cable LOL. It is old and already burnt in. After the headphones and Kimber are done burning in I will decide which sounds better. I still would not return to Kimber because that is against my personal policy. That has nothing to do with what anyone else should do, or I think they should do. It is just something I maintain. Even though it is better cable 2x wire bundles vs 16 the Kimber "should" be competitive. plus it is much smaller in diameter. this is quite bulky. I can no longer solder but my buddy will. We will use Mundorf silver/gold solder. it is funny I went to the basement looking for something else and ran across that hanging on a wall under a staircase. This should be very interesting. I would not suggest anyone, even if they have the money actually purchase this for this application. Pure silliness.
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  5. ctaxxxx
    Nevermind. My Norne Solvine (hybrid) order got screwed up and was offered a free upgrade to make up for it. Guess I'll be listening the Z1R with the Draug 3 Silver now!
  6. bytor33
    Thanks guys for clarifying what the "microphonic" sound actually is. That's one of the nice things about the stock cable, it's almost perfect in that regard. Lightweight with a nice feel to it.

    Not that I move around much while listening, but with the Sony/Kimber I definitely hear it when repositioning and feel the weight. If the Kimber Axios is pretty much going to be a lateral move with those aspects it might not be worth it for me then. I saw Meadiahound's video on the cables and my thoughts on things usually align with his so I should probably trust him. Is that just the price you pay for a higher end cable or are there any that sound better but don't have those issues?
  7. music_man
    tbh, the axios is going to be worse for you. the sony cable is better for your needs because it is round and smooth. my crazy cable is built already but did not get a chance to attach it today. luckily it is well used "scrap" because something like that takes 2,5,000 hours to burn in. I doubt it completely changes the headphones. the sony/Kimber is good enough for many people just not a great value. if you look around you will perhaps find better values. I would stay away from homebrew stuff on the large auction site. I do not think the axios cu is a good value either but probably the best bang for the buck. depending on your taste the ag can hurt the sound and the ag/cu is never really good from anywhere.
  8. Fifty five
    IMO microphonic from cable is not a big deal for me.

    because when use this kind of headphone most of time I use at home and listen in stationary position. not so much movement...

    and when I play the music I can barely notics it.
  9. ervin192
    If you need a better cable with reduced microphonics you may find it within those who use cotton, paper, silk or other fiber fillings and with fiber sleeves. These materials are soft and can dampen the sound. However in electric meanings the signal inside the wires are also affected.
  10. music_man
    Bulk_Crystal_Cable.jpg I wish I had locking 3.5mm. no big deal I doubt I pull one out. meanwhile I have a cable that is complete overkill so it is good enough. even without locking connectors. the furutech carbon is obviously better than sonys connectors. watchout with locking on these though can easily strip them
    here is the cable I used.
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  11. Fifty five

    Interresting vdo :)
  12. EDN80
    Why is this thread so dead? Can't help feeling that Tyll's review and other threads being locked left and right stifled discussion on this one. Hard to find this particular thread too. Loving these HPs more than ever. Getting balanced cables too. Can't wait to hear what that sounds like. Thanks @SONYES for the cable recommendation.
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  13. SONYES
  14. vr1
    Good stuff. :)
  15. SONYES
    You're welcome
    ZIR is definitely with quality cable and gets quality sound
    And a powerful type amplifier + a neutral nature make good sound
    Who answers me to the music I hear
    Classical and more
    In Frank Sinatra's stunning 60s music
    Or the Vienna Philharmonic in excellent recording
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